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Vampires Season 2 Release Date and Updates

Is Vampire season 2 happening? Is the Netflix Original series renewed for another season? Here’s everything we know so far.

Vampires is one of the French-language Netflix Original series on the popular streaming service. The show is created by Isaure Pisani-Ferry and Benjamin Dupas and it follows a family of vampires with unique traits. The series made its debut on March 20, 2020 and it stars Outlaya Amamra, Aliocha Schneider, Mounir Amamra, Kate Moran, Juliette Cardinski and Suzane Clément.

The plot of the supernatural horror and drama TV series revolves around a young girl who has unique traits. In the world of vampires and humans, she does not belong to any group and is actually a half-vampire and half-human. The first season of the show follows Doina, as she tries to hide her vampiric identity from society. She constantly takes pills and tries to navigate her life while also being searched by a vampiric community.

Is Vampires Renewed?

Although the first season was not a big hit, it seems like it managed to avoid getting canceled. It has been more than a year since we heard anything about the show, though. The leading streaming service has not made any comments regarding another season. So the current status of the show remains unknown. We can’t say that it was canceled but Netflix has yet to renew the series.

Vampires Season 2 Release Date

On the other hand, we can assume that the show gets a renewal and they start production right away. In that case, it would take around a year to finally make it available on the platform. So the earlier possible release date for Vampires season 2 should be around mid-2022. With that said, the production might also be already in the works. If they already started a year ago, the second season might drop before 2021 years, which would be a surprise.

Who will be in the cast?

Although there have not been any official announcements, we do not know which names we are going to see in the new season. Though the main cast will return to reprise their roles. We have listed actors and actresses in the first six episodes.

  • Kate Moran as Csilla Nemeth
  • Mounir Amamra as Andrea Radescu
  • Juliette Cardinski as Irina Radescu
  • Dylan Robert as Nacer
  • Pierre Lottin as Rad Radescu
  • Oulaya Amamra as Doina Radescu
  • Suzanne Clément as Martha Radescu
  • Aioca Schneider as Ladislas Nemeth
  • Bilel Chegrani as Moji
  • Anotina Buresi as Elise
  • Theo Hakola as Gabor Nemeth
  • Ayumi Roux as Clarisse

Is there a trailer video?

As mentioned earlier, the show’s current status is unknown. Netflix usually announces whether a TV series will continue with another season or not. And then, a couple of months later it shares a trailer to tease the fans. That wasn’t the case with Vampires as we haven’t seen anything for more than a year now. That also includes a teaser or a trailer video. Though you can rewatch the trailer for the first season and follow it with a rewatch session of the six episodes. If Netflix decides to continue with the show and orders a new installment; it will probably have the same amount of episodes too.

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