Upcoming Netflix Originals in July 2021

Upcoming Netflix Originals in July 2021

We have listed the upcoming Netflix Originals in July 2021. Here are the new shows and returning TV series next month.

Netflix has released more than than 100 series and movies in June 2021. Among the shows that have been added to the library, there are brilliant Netflix Original titles that deserve your attention. Netflix will keep adding new original movies and series in July 2021 as well. We have listed the new projects along with their premiere dates and short summaries to tell you what they are about. Let’s also note that you can find the non-English Netflix Original series in the list.

On the other hand, you can visit this post if you are also curious about the new anime releases in July 2021.

Netflix Originals Coming in July 2021

Generation 56k (Season 1) – (Non-English) – July 1st

The first season of the Italian Netflix Original series will consist of 8 episodes. Starring Angelo Spagnoletti and Cristina Cappelli, the romantic comedy will premiere on the first day of July.

Young Royals (Season 1) – (Non-English) – July 1st

Another non-English TV series will hit the popular streaming service this month. The Swedish Netflix Original series will follow a young prince and his dilemmas in royal life.

Haseen Dilruba – (Non-English) – July 2nd

The Indian Netflix original movie is among the new releases on Netflix. Directed by Vinil Mathew, Haseen Dilruba is a mystery-thriller movie focusing on a murder.

Mortel (Season 2) – (Non-English) – July 2nd

The supernatural show coming from France, Mortel will hit Netflix with its second season next month. It tells about a band of teenagers and their supernatural bond.

The 8th Night – (Non-English) – July 2nd

Another non-English Netflix Original movie is The 8th Night. This South Korean film is a great addition to the mystery-thriller genre of Netflix.

Fear Street Part One – July 2nd

Fear Street will land on Netflix next month with all of its movies to maximize horror and thriller. The trilogy is based on R.L. Stine’s brilliant novels. Here are the premiere dates of the movies in the trilogy:

  • FS Part One – July 2nd
  • FS Part Two – July 9th
  • Fear Street Part Three – July 16th

We The People (Season 1) – July 4th

The upcoming animated series will gather musicians and directors together to tell about civics in a musical narrative.

Cat People (Season 1) – July 7th

The lovely docuseries will tell about our bonds with our feline companions.

Dogs (Season 2) – July 7th

The upcoming docuseries will also follow our other furry friends. Dogs will obviously focus on dogs and their eternal loyalty to the humankind. It looks like Netflix is going to release two projects for both cat and dog lovers.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (Season 2) – July 6th

The brilliant sketch show from Tim Robinson will hit Netflix with its second season. Tune in for bizarre situations, offbeat characters and brilliantly written sketches in the second season. You can also watch some of the clips on the Netflix Is A Joke YouTube channel.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (Season 1) – July 8th

Among the upcoming Netflix Originals next month, we will also get to watch Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. The animated series is based on the long-running franchise of Resident Evil. Netflix has revealed lots of new video game adaptations during Geeked Week event. You can also have a look at them from this post.

Virgin River (Season 3) – July 9th

Netflix Original series Virgin River will arrive next month with its third season consisting of 10 episodes. The new episodes will offer more twists, dilemmas and more.

Biohackers (Season 2) – (Non-English) – July 9th

German Netflix Original series will be among the returning Netflix Originals. The second series will focus on Akerlund and her memory loss.

How to Become A Tyrant (Season 1) – July 9th

The new documentary will take viewers to history’s darkest hours to focus on the tyrants and dictators. The narrator of the show will be Peter Dinklage, who also starred in Game of Thrones as Tyrion Lannister.

Atypical (Season 4) – July 9th

The fourth season of the series will drop on July 9th to show us what is going on in the Gardner family. It is also one of the returning Netflix Originals in July 2021.

Naomi Osaka (Limited Netflix Original Series) – July 13th

The upcoming documentary series will take viewers on a journey through Naomi Osaka’s career while also exploring her life and decisions.

Ridley Jones (Season 1) – July 13th

The animated series will tell about Ridley and her friends; tasked to protect the Museum of Natural History.

A Classic Horror Story – (Non-English) – July 14th

There is another horror movie among the new releases on Netflix in July 2021. The non-English Netflix Original film will tell a classic horror story, hence the name.

Heist (Season 1) – July 14th

With the new docuseries, Netflix will reveal three massive heists and will also introduce the ones behind them.

Never Have I Have Ever (Season 2) – July 15th

In the second week of the next month, Devi will find herself in an exciting situation including two boyfriends and numerous decisions.

Beastars (Season 2) – July 15th

One of the long-awaited animes will come out of Netflix Jail next month. Beastars will return with its second season in July.

Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens – (Non-English) – July 17th

This non-English film will follow Ali and her unusual companions focused on finding his mother.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans – July 21st

Heroes of various universes will unite in order to fight against an enemy.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part One – July 23rd

The nostalgic series from the 80s will return to make the fans of Grayskull happy.

Sky Rojo (Season 2) – (Non-English) – July 23rd

The action-packed series is also among the non-English original projects. Created by Alex Pina who also served in the production of Money Heist, Sky Rojo will maximize action to give us goosebumps in the next season.

Blood Red Sky – July 23rd

Another Netflix Original film slated to release in July is Blood Red Sky. The film will focus on a woman with supernatural powers who find herself in a hijacked plane.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North – (Non-English) – July 23rd

The special episode of the successful South Korean series will take viewers on a journey to the source of infection and the reason why people are turning into monsters.

Transformers: War for Cybertron – Kingdom (Last Season) – July 29th

The final season of the anime series will land at the end of the month. The fans of the Transformer anime series will have to wait a bit longer.

Resort to Love – July 29th

Outer Banks (Season 2) – July 30th

One of the most popular teen drama series on Netflix, Outer Banks will return in July as well to show us what Pogues will do next.

The Last Mercenary – (Non-English) – July 30th

Centaurworld (Season 1) – July 30th

Here are the upcoming Netflix Original series and movies in July 2021. You can also have a look at the new releases this month.

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