Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies in July 2021

Upcoming Netflix Horror Movies in July 2021

What are the upcoming Netflix horror movies in July 2021? Fans of the horror genre are waiting for the new releases.

Netflix has added more than a hundred series and movies this month. Among the new releases, there are a wide variety of shows and films. Thanks to the diversity of Netflix‘s library, anyone can find something to watch. This includes animes, animated series, comedies, variety shows, action films, and documentaries. There are also horror movies that you can find on the popular streaming platform.

Though there are already great Netflix Original horror movies that you can watch, there are new titles on the way. Here are the upcoming Netflix horror movies in July 2021.

New Netflix Horror Movies

Fear Street Part 1 – July 2nd

The first part of the horror-thriller trilogy series based on R.L. Stine‘s bestselling novels. Every movie in the trilogy follows a different story and takes place on a different timeline. Here are their release dates.

  • Part One: 1994
  • Fear Street Part Two: 1978
  • Fear Street Part Three: 1966

Here’s the official synopsis of the upcoming horror trilogy:

“Wanna hear a killer story?

In 1994, a group of teenagers discovers that the terrifying even that have haunted their town for generations may all be connected and that they may be the next targets. The films follow the nightmare through Shadyside’s sinister history.” 

The 8th Night

Starring Park Hae-joon, Kim You-jung, Lee Sung-min and more, The 8th Night will also hit Netflix on July 2nd. The Korean horror-thriller movie is directed by Kim Tae-hyung and tells about an exorcist. The movie seems like it is especially better for those who enjoy horror movies with themes of exorcism and demons.

Here’s the official The 8th Night synopsis:

“The 8th Night, which exists but doesn’t

Don’t you dare open your eyes

Enter a new world of mystery thrillers when the seal breaks

With prayer beads in one hand and ax in the other, a monk hunts down a millennia-old spirit that’s possessing humans and unleashing hell on Earth.”

A Classic Horror Story

Non-English Netflix Original horror movie will land on the platform on July 14th.

Here’s the official A Classic Horror Story synopsis:

“A camper. A car crash. An abandoned house. Children’s music in the background. Think you’ve seen it before? Look again.”

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is one of the upcoming video game adaptations that we are going to watch on Netflix. The CG series will take players on a journey through the universe of Resident Evil, one of the most popular video game franchises.

Here’s the official Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness synopsis:

“The landmark survival horror video game series Resident Evil has shipped over 110 million copies worldwide. Popular characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield appear in this CG serialized drama, the first in series history! Don’t miss this new epic entertainment on a scale more spectacular than ever before.”

Well, we have listed the upcoming Netflix horror movies in July 2021. Have a look at this post to have further information about the new releases next month.

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