Tyler Perry Returns With A New Netflix Original Movie

Tyler Perry Returns With A New Netflix Original Movie

Tyler Perry returns to Netflix with his new feature film. Everything we know so far about the film, which started production in Atlanta in October 2020, is here.

There is not so much information about the movie, Netflix has not shared even the title. Also, The plot of the movie has not been officially released yet, but we know the simple outline of the movie and some characters.

Tyler Perry, who will return to Netflix with a new production, was born in 1969 and is a very successful actor, producer, and writer. In fact, with 130 million dollars in 2010, he became the most paid person in the entertainment industry.

Actually, this isn’t Tyler Perry’s first Netflix movie. He was the director and writer of the movie ‘A Fall from Grace’, released on January 17, 2020. This fantasy and thriller movie had 26 million views in one week. Tyler Perry, who also starred on Netflix for the first time in 2016, played Richard in ‘Brain on Fire’.

What is the plot of the new Netflix Tyler Perry Movie?

The story will tell the story of a character named Tim, who just graduated from college. Tim is stopped by a policeman for speeding and is arrested for the ensuing argument. The story then follows him and his family as they fight for justice against the officer.

Who are the cast, producer, and director?

Mark Swinton, Michelle Sneed, and Will Areu are listed with Perry as the producers of the new movie. Mark Swinton previously produced ‘House of Payne’, ‘Young Dylan’ and ‘Ruthless’. He also has a TV Show with Tyler Perry titled ‘Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living’ although not very popular.

Tyler Perry Studios is the production company of the new Netflix Movie, and Perry will star and direct the movie.

Stay tuned to learn the latest information about the upcoming movie!

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