Tom Ellis from Lucifer talks about the feeling of playing two roles simultaneously

Tom Ellis from Lucifer talks about the feeling of playing two roles simultaneously

Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer and his twin brother Michael at the same time, talked about this strange situation, admitting that he felt like a “massive fraud”.

Lucifer’s lead actor Tom Ellis talked about the odd situation that he was in during Lucifer season 5, namely, playing two twin brothers at the same time. While the popular actor said that playing Michael was enjoyable, he also admitted that it was weird as well. In the interview, Ellis explained how he felt about that situation in detail. Here’s what Tom Ellis had to say about his experience playing two roles, as reported by CBR.

Tom Ellis on playing Lucifer and Michael at the same time

Ellis mentioned the oddity of playing Michael, who was impersonating Lucifer. As an actor who played the same character for years, it must have felt really unique to try to act another character imitating it. “So Michael impersonating Lucifer was weird,” Ellis said. He also admitted that it was enjoyable to play that role.

“Yes, getting into character as Michael in the first instance was weird, because I really enjoyed it but at the same time, I hadn’t felt that way on this set for a long time, in that I was living in new territory for me as a character.”

Tom Ellis also revealed why he felt that way, and explained the difference between his experience playing the two characters. He said he did not “have the same comfort level” playing Lucifer and Michael, and playing Lucifer is almost just like “flicking a switch” to him, as he played the same character for many years. “And Michael wasn’t,” he said. “So I really had to think about that. And so that was the challenge.”

Ellis reported he felt like a massive fraud, noting that it was a challenge he ultimately relished.

“I had to sort of getting through the initial kind of feelings of ‘God, I feel like a massive fraud’ and really trust in the choices that I’d made and just go for it. So yeah, it was a bit of challenge, but ultimately, one that I relished.”

Lucifer is coming to an end after a bumpy road, in which many actors established sound relationships. The series’ stars Tom Ellis and DB Woodside have recently shown their feelings about the series finale and each other, Woodside saying that he could not stop crying.

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