Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Synopsis, Release Date and More

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Synopsis, Release Date and More

Netflix has been into video games for a long time as many of us know and there are hundreds of other projects they have been developing as well. And the iconic spy thriller of Tom Clancy Splinter Cell is on its way to Netflix as one of those projects as a game adaptation form of an animated series. And the upcoming series will tell us the story of the black-ops agent Sam Fisher this time instead of playing it.

Netflix’s past productions of game adaptations were Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma, Minecraft: Story Mode, The Witcher, and more. One of the latest addition of Netflix, Splinter Cell has been developed by Derek Kolstad, and we heard from him that the upcoming animated series is currently started being written as well. Kolstad has also said that the writing process would take six months in one of his recent interviews.

The writer and showrunner of Netflix’s upcoming animated series Kolstad also known for creating the hit franchise John Wick. And it seems the talented creator is really excited about this upcoming series, Splinter Cell as we pay attention to his recent statement for the work.

“Animation is f***g cool, dude. You send in a script and they make it. It isn’t a matter of casting this, this, this, or that. It’s like, ‘What do you want to do, Derek?’ ‘I think this would be cool.’ ‘That would be cool!’ We start it.”

Which animation studio has been the part of Netflix’s Splinter Cell is unknown at this point but it will be revealed soon according to Kolstad. So let’s take a look at what else we know so far.

What is the plot of Tom Clancy Splinter Cell’s animated adaption?

Actually, there is also no detail given officially for Netflix‘s upcoming animated series yet. But the excited creator had also something to say about its plot, gladly. Until more detail revealed, we will need to stick to his statement, which seems actually fair enough to figure out what’s ahead of us, at least for a while.

“Every season is going to be self-contained, outside of the evolution of the main character. I like having one big, bad, one overarching story and one background story, with the A/B of it all, and yet, I look at everything I do — well, almost everything — especially in film and TV, as the best Westerns. He rides off into the sunset because he’s going to do the same fucking thing the next town over until he dies doing it,” says Kolstad about Splinter Cell.

On the other side, it’s also expected to have a whole different and original plot from its game. But of course, they would sprinkle some elements from the game considering how much it is loved and its success. Some missions or villains of the game will most likely be included, and maybe Splinter Cell will even set on the games’ locations after all. Who knows…

What is the release date of Splinter Cell on Netflix?

The series is scheduled to release for two seasons with 16-episode as the streaming platform ordered to be so. And they were expected to arrive in each on Netflix in 2021 or 2022. But according to Derek Kolstad, it seems we have a much longer time ahead of us to see the anticipated series.

“Probably two years. Probably, no, about 18 months. These things, from inception to execution, are 18 months to two years. My job will be done in probably six months with the other writers. And yet you’re always on standby to go, like, ‘This isn’t working. This line sucks. The actor wants to do something cool.’ But I also believe that, especially in animation, if they can have all the episodes in hand going into it, I make their job easier, too.”

Ultimately, Splinter Cell seems to release in 2022 or later on Netflix. You can also hear Derek Kolstad’s interview about the upcoming animated series down below.

Until we have more news, you may also want to look at our article on other video game adaptation shows that are expected to come to Netflix soon. Please stay tuned as we share more details of the animated series as soon as we get them.

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