“They’re both ruthless women”: Julia Garner Shares Similarities Between Ruth Langmore (Ozark) And Anna Delvey (Inventing Anna)

“They’re both ruthless women”: Julia Garner Shares Similarities Between Ruth Langmore (Ozark) And Anna Delvey (Inventing Anna)

Among the youngest crop of actresses that are truly making a mark in the industry, Julia Garner has come out on top for her portrayal of complex characters in shows like Ozark and Inventing Anna. Both the Netflix projects have become instant hits propelling Julia Garner to become a household name. 

Now in a conversation with time, the actress got candid about her characters.

Ruth Langmore and Anna Delvey are more alike than you think

Garner played the charming fraudster Anna Delvey in the Shonda Rhimes production. Masquerading as a German heiress Anna duped many friends, acquaintances, and businesses in New York. And in the recently concluded Ozark, she essayed the role of Ruth Langmore. A girl from a crime family gets embroiled in the money laundering business of the Byrdes.

Both her characters display strong personalities and are resourceful. Both Ruth and Anna are go-getters and “ruthless”. The actress explained people’s attraction toward these characters, ” People are very attracted to people, specifically women, that have a ruthless way about them. That’s a sense of confidence, and there’s nothing more attractive than having full ownership of yourself.” 

But they are also very different in the sense that Anna is a very “girl’s girl” while Ruth is a “bossy girl”. However, she admits that the two can strike up a friendship if they can get past their differences. 

But then they would realize that they could team up, like, Oh, you like surprising people? I also like surprising people. Let’s surprise people together!”

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Julia Garner shares her views on playing a character

Undoubtedly her characters are interesting but they are also controversial, especially Anna Delvey. The 28-year-old explained, “I play people, I don’t play caricatures, and as soon as you play a caricature it’s going to be one-note and one-dimensional. People don’t have to like the characters that I play. I just want them to be open to understanding that person.”

Ozark ended with Ruth dying at the hands of Camilla. The ending didn’t sit well with the fans, and the actress admittedly was sad about letting Ruth go.

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