“They tried to create too much drama”: Sergio Perez Accuses Drive to Survive Season 4 of Fabricating Drama

“They tried to create too much drama”: Sergio Perez Accuses Drive to Survive Season 4 of Fabricating Drama

One of the essential things about documentaries, showing the absolute truth unfiltered, often results in controversies. People do not like the way documentaries often portray them. No matter how popular the documentary, it always angers some people. And now Netflix hit docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 4 has fallen prey to the accusations of Sergio Perez.

Has Drive to Survive season 4 gone too far?

Netflix’s fourth installment to its hit docu-series was an instant hit. The show is currently leading the Top 10 trending Netflix charts in 33 countries.

However, the hit show is receiving criticism for allegedly manufacturing drama and creating animosity between drivers.

Sergio Perez’s comments on the new season

The Red Bull driver has come forward to accuse Drive to Survive of fabricating and over-dramatizing certain events. Angered by the show, the Mexican driver has even stated that he might not want to be a part of the future season.

“They tried to create too much drama, which the season already had — the season had enough drama, you know? “They’ve probably gone too far in this last season. I thought it was going to be the best season,” commented Peres before a race in Bahrain.

Apart from showing a little too much. Perez was also disappointed to watch that all the hard work he had put in while shooting with Netflix in his native country, Mexico, was completely left out of the season.

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“This year, I am definitely not going to do as much,” Sergio said about not being willing to shoot as much as he did last year. Perez feels its a “lot of media,” and he is better off escaping it.

Sergio will not be the first to do so

Even though it is really unfortunate that Sergio will not be taking part in the probable new season(s) of F1: Drive to Survive. He is not the first to do so, and coincidently. His fellow teammate Max Verstappen also refuses to shoot for Netflix.

In an interview earlier this week. Max said that the new season had faked the rivalry between McLaren teammates Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. “It’s just not my thing, faking rivalries.” the driver said while adding, “that’s why I’m also not a part of it.”

Do you think Drive to Survive overdramatizes incidents and creates rivalry that wasn’t there before? Do let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the matter.


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