The Witcher: Henry Cavill’s THIS Dialogue Will Be Relatable Post-Pandemic

The Witcher: Henry Cavill’s THIS Dialogue Will Be Relatable Post-Pandemic

It seems like the universe is just not ready to give a normal year, doesn’t it? While the threat of yet another wave of COVID-19 is looming upon us, there are only a handful of places where we can find a little comfort, one of which is Netflix. You may struggle to express what this pandemic has done to you, but we have a certain someone who has done it just perfectly; meet Henry Cavill aka The Witcher.

Cavill has proved to be one of the interesting personalities out there. Hence, this comes as no surprise that he could bring a little of his funny side to his character Geralt of Rivia. There were so many remarkable moments where you would literally point to Geralt on screen and say, “that’s me.” Well, now get ready to see the most relatable dialogue from the entire Netflix Original.

Henry Cavill aka The Witcher has lived through “three supposed end of days”

When you have lived as long as The Witcher, it is more than possible that you have seen everything there is to see in this world. And that includes dark times, wars, and even the times when people thought everything is going to end. Call it a blessing, or a curse, but this is what being a witcher means. You see populations going into turmoil and kingdoms shatter because apparently, it is the end of time.

Even though it is not possible for you to become a witcher, mainly because we don’t have a Source like Ciri. But there is something else that may help you relate to Henry Cavill’s character.

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When Nivellen tells him about the weird happenings that took place following the Battle of Sodden Hill, he pointed out that this may just be the end of days. Geralt, in his typical style, smiled and said, “I have lived through a whole dark age and three supposed end of days.” With the current situation of the world, which is at the brink of facing another lockdown thanks to COVID-19, this seems pretty apt to describe our situation.

The COVID-19 was no less than the filthy monsters and creatures Geralt faces daily. The thing he can brag about, though, is that he at least defeats those creatures once and for all. In our case, this evil virus comes up with mutations even wilder than the otherworldly creatures Ciri brought on The Continent. Let’s just hope that Wraiths of Mörhogg don’t show up here.

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