The Witcher Characters and Their Transformations – Season 1 vs Season 2

The Witcher Characters and Their Transformations – Season 1 vs Season 2

After the arrival of season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix, fans have seen their favorite characters undergo massive changes. Here is how 4 of the protagonists of Netflix Original have grown:

Geralt of Rivia

The only major change Geralt underwent from seasons 1 to 2 is that he essentially became a father. This, however, wasn’t a major change for the character of the Netflix live-action series. Geralt, as many fans would have noticed, has an innate desire to protect.

Evidence of this was visible in the very beginning of season 1 when the White Wolf was telling Roach about the first monster he ever killed and how that was a deed he did to protect other people.

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However, being a Witcher, he has not always received love for this trait of his, despite his best intentions. The prime example of this would be his combat with Renfri and how, with Stregebor’s conspiracy, it ends up giving him the name of the Butcher of Blaviken. Ever since then, he has suppressed this urge of his. With Ciri’s arrival, the Witcher has grown as a character as he stopped suppressing his desire to protect.


Of all the characters in The Witcher, Ciri grew the most through season 2. The young girl went from running through the woods for an entire season with uncontrolled powers to learning the ways of the Witchers and trying to gain control of her magic, albeit not completely. Ciri has definitely grown the most personally as she comes to terms with the deaths and destruction surrounding her and uses her pain as motivation to keep going.

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There isn’t a scarcity of morally gray characters in The Witcher. But, out of the 4 protagonists of the Netflix Original, Yennefer is so far the only one with a rickety moral compass. She makes some rash decisions, which, in retrospect, she regrets. But, those decisions weren’t insignificant enough to be forgiven easily, as Geralt mentions towards the end of season 2.

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Viewers have seen Yennefer make her magic her identity, right from the beginning of season 1. She could only deal with the brutality of the world with the help of her magic. She learned how to control Chaos under Tissaia’s guidance. After she lost her magic at the Battle of Sodden, the mage did not know how to function without the one thing she believes kept her going. Was that reason enough for her to want to sacrifice Ciri? That is left for viewers to decide.

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Julian Alfred Pancratz, who took up the name of Dandelion (in Polish) and Jaskier (in English) had a fancy new alias this season. The names aren’t for naught, though! Jaskier also underwent a lot of changes this season. The man went from using a genie for fun in season 1 to putting his life on the line to help save the Elves and do what he thought was “morally good” in the second season. In terms of character development, Jaskier really outdid all other characters in The Witcher.

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