Netflix shares the official trailer and release date for The Wedding Coach

Netflix shares the official trailer and release date for The Wedding Coach

Netflix has shared the official trailer and release date for its new show ‘The Wedding Coach‘, also starring “former bride and forever comedian” Jamie Lee.

Netflix is putting forth more and more original content, this time with its new show The Wedding Coach. Six engaged couples seek help for their weddings, and Jamie Lee is there to save the day. Both before and during the wedding day, the comedian helps couples overcome problems concerning their relationship and the upcoming wedding. Going with a motto that says “wedding perfection is unattainable”, Jamie Lee tries her best to do everything to attain that perfection anyways. Furthermore, the couple at the end of the trailer even says “We asked Jamie to help us with the wedding, and she ended up helping our relationship.”. She is not alone, though, there are her +1 comedian friends all through the show who help her in this hard journey.

In this official trailer of The Wedding Coach, Netflix generally tells about the show, which is evidently about a person trying to help couples out with their wedding, with which they are obsessed. Jamie Lee, saying “I’ll be there to help the couples get to the finish line” will be starring the show, also bringing along some of her friends to help. We’ll see many different comedians in this show, helping Jamie Lee with her “unattainable” goal.

What is the release date of ‘The Wedding Coach’?

As shared with the fans at the end of the official trailer, The Wedding Coach is going to be on the popular streaming service Netflix on April 7th, 2021. The official trailer also reveals that this show is going to be Netflix exclusive, meaning we will only be able to watch it on Netflix. You can watch the official trailer below!

What do you think about this show? Does it seem interesting?

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