The Ultimatum: Is Lauren Pounds 26 or 30 Years Old? Did Netflix Really Change Her Age?

The Ultimatum: Is Lauren Pounds 26 or 30 Years Old? Did Netflix Really Change Her Age?

The Internet is abuzz with the latest reality show The Ultimatum. From the producers of Love is Blind, the show delivers on the drama. Just like its predecessor, the show has also sparked several controversies from toxic relationships to swapping partners. And now everyone is calling out the producers for blatant ageism and sexism. Just recently, Lauren Pounds, a contestant on The Ultimatum who appeared with her partner Nate Ruggles revealed Netflix’s nasty tactics. The streamer had changed her age to make her appear younger than she is. 

It’s a reality show that tests the bond between six couples. These couples are on the verge of getting married but one of them is still unsure. Dejected and tired of waiting, these couples swap partners and enter a trial marriage. The producers have touted the show as a social experiment. The experiment allows the participants to get some clarity on their relationship and decide whether they see a future with their significant other or not. 

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Did Netflix reduce Lauren Pounds’ age by four years on The Ultimatum?

Lauren Pounds is 30 years old. She recently shared a birthday post on her Instagram. But on the show, she was introduced as 26 years old. Obviously, fans of the show were confused. One of them couldn’t help but comment on her post inquiring about her real age. Pounds responded that Netflix lied. She later posted a screenshot of that comment and her confessional on the show, labeling it “beyond interesting”.

Much like the fans, Pounds herself was flabbergasted and called out the producers for sexism and ageism. She pointed out how Netflix unfairly changed her age without her knowledge. This outraged the fans for sending a wrong message – it’s okay for men to age, but not for women. 

Ever since that post, Pounds received a lot of support and love from the fans. She announced that she was grateful for all the warmth in another post on her story. 

Netflix responded to the criticism

This isn’t the first time that streamer has invited criticism. Love is Blind was criticized for lack of body diversity and now its successor is criticized for manipulating contestants’ ages. However, the streamer has responded to the outrage. It will correct Lauren’s age on The Ultimatum. 

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