The Steamy ‘Sex/Life’ Star Adam Demos “Wasn’t Too Shocked” About Going Shirtless in ‘A Perfect Ending’

The Steamy ‘Sex/Life’ Star Adam Demos “Wasn’t Too Shocked” About Going Shirtless in ‘A Perfect Ending’

Adam Demos has made viewers swoon previously in Sex/Life before. The shower scene is still the most talked-about scene. And when he was cast for A Perfect Pairing, fans were ready for more perfect shots of the actor. And he delivered in spades or should we say his abs did. The man was perfectly cast as the quiet mysterious farm manager in the Netflix flick. And his shirtless scenes have yet again become the talk of the town. The Australian actor revealed that he was ready for it! 

The shirtless scene was all part of the gig for Adam Demos 

The Aussie hottie explained that since the Netflix flick is a rom-com, he expected a shirtless scene or two. Of course, women love eye candy, and he knows it well too!

“I assumed there would be one cheeky one in there because it’s a rom-com, the rom-com vibe. I wasn’t too shocked, it’s all part of the gig,” he said. 

A good part of the plot involves wine, so fans were curious whether they would get to taste the wine or not. Both the actors did get a few sips but not too many. For them, the priority is not the wine, but to “get the job done”. 

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The Perfect Pairing is a charming little rom-com 

The latest Adam Demos and Victoria Justice movie is not an extraordinary film. But it gets everything right that makes a perfect little rom-com. It’s the same old story of meet and cute and gorgeous settings. Heck like the stars, you know how it will end – it’s in the title itself! Even the actors joked about it. 

Lola works at a wine imports company, where she’s the star seller. But her best friend stabs her in the back when she steals her client. Since all is fair love, war, and professional career, Lola decides to open her own business. However, with no clients, she heads to celebrity-owned Vaughn Family Wines to win the owner over. And that’s where he meets the very good-looking Max. 

Watch A Perfect Pairing here.

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