The Six Crows Of Shadow And Bone Season Two Teases Some Behind-The-Scenes Polaroids

The Six Crows Of Shadow And Bone Season Two Teases Some Behind-The-Scenes Polaroids

An unquenchable thirst, a desire to consume something till each cell of our body is well versed with it. Something about a world of spells and wars. About an impossible heist and six dangerous thieves on a deadly mission. Yes! We are talking about Shadow and Bone season 2.

While Netflix is totally in, working on season 2, fans out here are at sixes and sevens to watch the mystical sequel. Sadly, we are still under wraps of what awaits us in the second season. But we might have something to ease your restlessness. Kit Young recently shared a Polaroid in his tweet that will make you scream in crow. Have a look.

A perfect gift for a perfect fan base. This behind-the-scenes photo teased all six of the crow together for the very first time.

Who are these six familiar faces?

Shadow and Bone originally is an exceptional fantasy book trilogy (The Grishaverse series) by Leigh Bardugo and is escorted to our screens under the spell of Eric Heisserer. The writer-producer also incorporates the wonderful acidic characters of the follow-up story, Six of Crows in the drama series.

Alina Starkov, played by Jessie Mei Li, ascends from a cartographer to sun summoning Grisha. However, she has torn off her previous life, including her best friend. As she learns to control her powers, she learns many things. For instance, not everyone is your friend and not everything is the way it seems to be in the lavish world.

Meanwhile, in the seedy underbelly of a fictionalized Amsterdam called Ketterdam where teens run civil crime factions, a crew called Six of Crows assembles in a fun ocean eleven style heist.

The first series already introduced five of the six crows to fans. Namely:

Freddy Carter as Kaz Bekkar

Amita Suman as Inej Ghafa

Kit Young as Fahey

Danielle Galigan as Nina Zenik

Calahan Skogman as Matthias Helver

Further, in the last weeks’ official announcement of Shadow and Bone season 2, Netflix confirmed the most anticipated sixth member of the crew.

Jack Wolfe will play the role of the sixth crow, Wylan Hendriks.

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How are fans reacting to Shadow and Bone season 2 behind-the-scenes pictures?

Apart from Kit Young, Jack Wolfe also took to Instagram to share the polaroids of the now complete group. We can also see selfies of him and Young. The post read, ”It’s been quite a week! Over the moon.” Seems like the team is fighting tooth and nail to ruse a perfect heist.

Moreover, Twitter account of FilmUpdates also shared this memorable selfie. The photos have already gone viral and fans are head over heels to see everyone in one frame together. Check out some of them below:

To conclude, while we wait for the new season to fill our bones with some real thrill, let us look at these lovely photos and hope more teasers take us out of the shadow. Also, let us know in the comment section, how excited are you?

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