The Search for Gerry Cotton AKA the Crypto King Still Continues- Is He Really Dead?

The Search for Gerry Cotton AKA the Crypto King Still Continues- Is He Really Dead?

Netflix is on the run to collect more and more shows with true-crime stories. Like Inventing Anna, Bad Vegan, The Tinder Swindler, The Puppet Master, and many more. These shows have connected to one thing for sure, that is money. Earning money with easy tricks has destroyed many individuals and their victims. Just like Netflix’s latest true crime documentary Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, which involves company QuadrigaCX and founder Gerald “Gerry” Cotten. We believe that Gerry Cotten has scammed millions of dollars and, after that, faked his death in front of the world. Is it true?

Gerry Cotton was a tech-savvy entrepreneur, who was the founder of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, Quadriga Fintech Solutions (QuadrigaCX) in 2013. Over the years, his company became extremely popular and became the largest Canadian crypto exchange. It became so popular and dominant in the market that it helped Bitcoin to legitimatize.

With Gerry Cotton, several questions will come out. Who was he? What did he exactly do? Where is that money now? And the most important question is: Is he dead?

Let’s find out.

What exactly did the Crypto King, Gerry Cotton, do?

Gerry Cotton’s business was doing fine altogether. But suddenly, in 2018, Bitcoin prices dropped and ultimately crashed. People panicked. They withdrew their money even from Quadriga. The customers of Quadrigo faced a lot of website issues and error messages. In 2019, the entire website stopped working altogether.

But little did the customer know Gerry Cotton has died mysteriously at that time. As Cotton died in mysterious circumstances, investigators investigated the situation, which led them to a dark side of Cotton. Many believe the Crypto King aka Gerry Cotton has faked his death and ran away with hundreds of millions of consumer funds. All of this has been covered in Netflix’s Trust No One.

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Where is Gerry Cotton now?

On papers, Gerry Cotton is still dead. But if we believe the theories, with that kind of money, Gerry can do anything in the world, starting with plastic surgery. He has some grand plans for himself and living his life lavishly.

Is Gerry Cotton really dead?

If we consider the Netflix documentary, it sounds like Gerry Cotton is dead. But many people still believe he faked his death. Let’s hear some theories which might confirm that Cotton really faked his death.

The first reason was the funeral was in a closed casket. The second one was people rarely die because of Crohn’s disease. Even on the death certificate of Gerry Cotton, his name was misspelled. But, we saw in the documentary, a journalist Nathan Vanderklippe from Globe and Mail has traveled to India to talk over to the last doctor, who was treating him.

Dr. Sharma from India claims Cotton visited the hospital because of vomiting and diarrhea. As he was suffering from traveler’s diarrhea, doctors kept him in the hospital. They get to know his history of Crohn’s disease, mostly which is not deadly. He suffered from three cardiac arrests. The doctors were able to rescue him the first two times, but the last one.

In today’s world, everything can be fake. So, some people will not believe Gerry is dead unless they see a body, and even then, they might demand DNA testing. For more information, stream the documentary on Netflix.

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