The Sea Beast Will Bring It’s Voyage To Netflix Soon, Here’s Everything We Know So Far

The Sea Beast Will Bring It’s Voyage To Netflix Soon, Here’s Everything We Know So Far

No matter how old we grow, the kid inside us will always be fervent about cartoons and animations. And Netflix has always understood our emotions. The streaming service will bring us yet another heartwarming animated film from the Oscar-winning filmmaker Chris Williams. The Sea Beast is coming to Netflix to take us on an adventure that’s beyond our imagination. So strap your belt and hang on with us, as we share the most exclusive details of this valiant voyage.

Keeping everything pretty much hush-hushed, Netflix recently teased the first look of its new animation. And trust us, it’s as much sparkling and exciting as Chris Williams’ movies should be. The streaming service may also have teased the premise that awaits us in the name of The Sea Beast.

The Sea Beast- synopsis

The movie came into making in early 2018 but came to a halt due to obvious reasons. However, with work from home having initiated, the creative mega minds resumed their works. Notably, the original title of the film was Jacob and the Sea Beast. As disclosed in the tweet, the movie will follow a young girl who stows away on the ship of a Oscar-winning legendary monster hunter. His life and learnings are flipped over when the young girl befriends the scariest monster of all in the high seas.

As evident from the original title, it’s safe to assume that Jacob is the monster hunter. Moreover, we may witness the lead characters forming a Tom & Jerry bond on this epic journey into uncharted waters.

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Who’s in the voice cast?

There’s no official announcement about the voice cast of The Sea Beast on Netflix. But having said it is a Chris Williams movie, need we say more? Williams is the man behind many alluring animated movies such as Moana and Big Hero 6. However, being on the list of Netflix’s 2022’s slate movies, we may expect the best of their kinds.

When is the voyage stationing at Netflix’s port?

Sadly, Netflix has revealed NO release date or teaser trailer. The only thing we are sure about is it will hit our screens anytime in 2022. And as we wait for this adventure to begin, Netflix has already provided us with some of the best-animated movies this year; from Del Toro’s Pinocchio to Osborne’s Escape From Hat.

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Let us know in the comment section what do you think about the adventures of the sea beast hunter.

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