The Sandman Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Cast and Synopsis

The Sandman Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Cast and Synopsis

We know that all of us are expecting to hear some news on The Sandman. They had been started filming in October 2020 for Netflix so far. Stick with us, you will find all about The Sandman.

There is some news that has been sprinkled around by the producers. According to reporting to ”Deadline” Netflix and Warner Bros TV had a discussion about the future of The Sandman. Netflix picked up the series as soon as getting approval in short.

The creator of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman mentioned the arrival date in 2021 but there is no further information on the exact day. A familiar face, Allan Heinberg, who worked on Wonder Woman will be responsible for some parts of the filming. Heinberg will handle the adaptation of the series as both writer and showrunner. Furthermore, Neil Gaiman will be the executive producer alongside David S. Goyer.

The series is coming from an American comic book series created by Neil Gaiman. This is one of the Vertigo Comics and stands out as one of the New York Times bestseller. Gaiman’s writings are known for their mythological topics and anthropomorphic personification of metaphysical entities.

The story behind The Sandman is happening around the one of character Dream. He is also one of the ”Seven Endless”. He and the other Endless characters represent a natural power with their billions of years of existence. The dream is also known as Morpheus is the anthropomorphic personification of dreams and he lives in the ”The Dreaming” world. Neil Gaiman has not confirmed the cast yet but there is talk on Tom Sturridge can be the one for the role of Dream. DiscussingFilm also reported that Gwendoline Christie has been cast but the role for him is not certain yet.

All of The Sandman Characters:

The Sandman- Morpheus- Dream

The Lord of Dreams and in his late 20s between early 30s. His biggest duty is governing dreams which is his also biggest inspiration for his life.

The Corinthian

This would be the most impressive and intriguing nightmare you have ever seen. He embodies the darkest side of humanity and created by The Sandman.

Ethel Cripps

She can do everything to impress and manipulate men with her beauty. She knows when and how she can find the way to get what she wants.

Alex Burgess

He loves to read books. He should think about what he wants for his life alongside his family’s legacy.


She is the sister of Dream and sometimes his best confidant. She knows that death is a real big deal. 


She is a self-destructive, tough and, pretty brave woman who wears fashionable clothes. She is in her 30s.

Roderick Burgess

He is a sorcerer, prophet, and the founder of the Order of Ancient Mysteries. In honest, he is a fraud but the charismatic one. Because of his sudden loss, his eldest son, he treats his youngest son with cruelty.

The good news to The Sandman fans came from the creator of the series. Neil Gaiman gave the reassure that the adaptation will be faithful to its comics. Preludes and Nocturnes contain the first volumes of the series and cover some of the parts in #1-8.

Here what Neil Gaiman says at the online interview with DC Fandome below!

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