The Queen’s Gambit’s Beth is a total f***ing badass in Netflix video

The Queen’s Gambit’s Beth is a total f***ing badass in Netflix video

Netflix has shared a video made of badass moments of The Queen’s Gambit‘s Beth, titled “Beth Is A Total F***ing Badass”. It’s a good mix to take a little dose of The Queen’s Gambit.

The miniseries starring Anya Taylor-Joy was a huge success when it was released on Netflix. With its seven episodes, running for 6 hours and 35 minutes, The Queen’s Gambit‘s intriguing story really captivated the audience despite being a little short. It also made many people interested in chess, which is basically what the series’ plot is turning around.

The Queen’s Gambit’s Beth Is a Total F***ing Badass 

Netflix has shared a mixture of some scenes from The Queen’s Gambit, compilating some of Beth‘s badass moments. Played by the successful actress who also is praised big time for her beauty, Anya Taylor-Joy, Beth is a world-star chess player who has a little problem affecting her career. Beth‘s life from childhood to his prime time is told of in the series, which is adapted for Netflix from Walter Tevis‘ 1983 book of the same name. Without further ado, here’s the mini compilation of badass moments from Beth‘s life that Netflix shared with the fans.

Will there be a ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ season 2?

Many people have not had enough of Beth’s adventures after just one season of The Queen’s Gambit. Also, fans are expecting the producers to shoot a second season for the mini-series, although it is not likely that the series will continue for more with another story with maybe even a lead cast. 

Despite the lead actress Anya Taylor-Joy would totally like a second season, according to a interview, the series’ executive producer is “happy” about the completeness of the story. While the producers are really happy with the story and do not seem likely to go on with The Queen’s Gambitwe should “never say never in Hollywood”, says Anya Taylor-Joy

To sum up, there are currently no plans for a second season but nothing is certain.

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