‘The Perfect Family’ (2022) on Netflix Is a Refreshing Humorous Take on Family Dynamics – Should You Watch This Spanish La Familia Perfecta?

‘The Perfect Family’ (2022) on Netflix Is a Refreshing Humorous Take on Family Dynamics – Should You Watch This Spanish La Familia Perfecta?

No one can doubt Netflix’s international cinema library. They have films from all the corners of the world, whether it be Palestine or Italy. These films are not only diverse in their language but also in their themes. Adding to this never-ending list of amazing foreign films is the 2022 Netflix film The Perfect Family of ‘La Familia Perfecta.’ The film is a Netflix Spanish Original that deals with family dynamics and drama and is filled with humor that will tickle your funny bone.

But is it something that you should watch for a family movie night or not? Let us help you to form a decision.

The Perfect Family (2022) on Netflix is it a worthy watch?

The film, as you can guess, revolves around a family. In the family, Lucia thinks she has everything under control and lives a beautiful life. She has dedicated her entire life to caring for her family since she married till she has attained her goal of a perfect family.

But everything begins to fall apart, the day Sara, her son’s fiancée appears; a young lady, free-spirited and foul-mouthed. Sara takes Lucia to a completely different concept of in-laws than what she had envisioned for her son. Lucia will soon learn that her perfect family was not exactly what she had imagined.

One of the best cast in any film and great characters

The film has a lot of strong points, including its fantastic cast. The actors in the films have made a few distinct appearances in Spanish cinema. The movie is a lovely and meaningful narrative about living in a family. Chief Arantxa Echevarria has put in a lot of effort to assemble a fantastic ensemble cast for this drama.

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Surprisingly, some of the cast members play characters with whom you will not always agree. While most of the characters’ flaws are understandable given their circumstances, it’s not always easy to see them. They have different ideas and ideologies.

The funniest film streaming right now

Apart from a great cast and a fresh take on family dynamics, the film has some genuinely wholesome and funny moments. La Familia Perfecta is a parody in general.

It does, however, include another feature. Some of the characters are understandably outraged and try to make sense of things, while others see it as an opportunity to further their ambitions. The exhibits are good at times and not so good at others, but overall they are solid.

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The interplay between the characters is also fantastic, with each character having their own distinct personality and sense of humor. The basic plot revolves around a meeting of outsiders and their collaborations, and Netflix does an excellent job of making you feel as though you’re watching a movie with a range of characters.

What are the people saying?

The Perfect Family certainly seems to be a hit in the critical aspect. But what about the audience are they liking it? Let’s take a look at the tweets about the film.

Translation- These days I have seen two very entertaining Spanish films: Mother’s Love and The Perfect Family in @NetflixES Two highly recommended comedies to escape and think about other things.”

Translation- “The perfect family movie…. fucking moviennnn.”

Translation- “The perfect family. Recent movie uploaded today or yesterday I don’t know. It’s cool. Bethlehem rolls and Joseph crowned.”

Translation- “I just saw the trailer for the perfect family and I wanted to see it as much as a kick in the balls.”

Upon initial reaction, the film seems to be exactly what it proposes to be: a heartwarming tale of a family filled with laughter. So if you are a fan of the family dynamics and loved The Modern Family go ahead and give The Perfect Family a try you won’t be disappointed.

Let us know if you liked the film in the comments below.


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