The Original Vikings Stars Have Some Really Helpful Advice for the Vikings Valhalla Cast

The Original Vikings Stars Have Some Really Helpful Advice for the Vikings Valhalla Cast

Upon the launch of Vikings Valhalla, the cast of Vikings expressed their feelings and advice for the new generation of Vikings. Katheryn Winnick, who played Lagertha, wants the cast to enjoy every moment of the show. Alex Høgh Andersen essayed Ivar the Boneless. He has a bit more practical advice when he says, “Always wear an extra pair of underwear because it’s really cold.” Actor Alexander Ludwig who played Bjorn Ironside is serious about taking breaks in between shots. 

“And go to the bathroom before you get on the ships.” 

Ludwig mentioned that it was a lifetime opportunity for him to be part of the project. Ludwig further adds that he was immediately transported to the Vikings’ age in history. This in turn made it easier for him to essay his role.  “You’re just transported into this world, where you really don’t have to act.” 

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Katheryn Winnick felt transformational in Vikings gear 

A lot of details went into the set design and costume. The details make the experience of watching Vikings richer.  Winnick shares the same sentiment. When she wore her costume for the first time she felt she was a Viking.

“How I felt when I suited up in my Vikings gear for the very first time was transformational.” Ludwig mentioned that it was surprising that there were so many “Shield-Maidens generals”.

The cast also shared that they were emotional after filming wrapped up. They miss the family on the set calling it an “incredible experience.” 

Vikings Valhalla premieres on February 25

The new show, Vikings Valhalla will also showcase the Vikings as a progressive society with diversity. The spin-off is supposed to have a black female Viking. The latest Viking show, Vikings Valhalla which is a sequel to the hit Michael Hirst original, Vikings hit Netflix on Friday. The new generation of Vikings promises a centuries-spanning bloody battle. So fans of the original can rejoice that Netflix is back with another tale about the brave Norseman. The spin-off was greenlighted three years ago. But the production had some setbacks which delayed the release of the series. 

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