The Mystery Behind the Perfect American Accent of Millie Bobby Brown; Did Miley Cyrus Have a Role in It?

The Mystery Behind the Perfect American Accent of Millie Bobby Brown; Did Miley Cyrus Have a Role in It?

Millie Bobby Brown is a household name now thanks to her character Eleven on the mega-popular show, Strange Things. The role earned her two Primetime Emmy nominations before her turn in Godzilla and Enola Holmes. Although her acting skills are admirable, the young star also displayed impressive skills when it came to switching accents. Fans were positively surprised by her British accent in Enola Holmes. In Miley Cyrus’ Instagram live show, Bright Minded, she admitted that Hannah Montana helped her perfect her accent. She was obsessed with her and the show which led to a career in acting. 

Millie Bobbie Brown convinced the Stranger Things casting director with her natural American accent

The actress was serious about landing the titular role of Eleven. She worked on her American accent and auditioned for the role in full American English. She used her American accent previously in the American BBC series, Intruders

It helped that Millie Bobby Brown spent much of her formative years in England before shifting to Florida. And she wasn’t new to acting before auditioning for the Duffer brothers’ series either. She made her debut in 2013 as Young Alice in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Her acting would go on to impress showrunner Zack Estrin. The young starlet’s acting range moved him. Therefore he extended her role into a recurring one. She would continue to appear in guest roles on Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. Millie had enough experience and time to master the art of switching accents before her breakout role. 

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The actor struggled with her original accent in Enola Holmes

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t face certain hurdles in her acting career. After portraying American characters for so long, she struggled to go back to her native accent in Enola Holmes. 

“For the last five years, I’ve been playing an American character in Stranger Things, and I found it really challenging being British in this, even though I am a Brit,” she disclosed. Set in London, the story follows Sherlock’s sister, Enola’s adventures. We are bound to see more of her in Enola Holmes 2 and Stranger Things. The latter drops on May 27 on Netflix. 

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