The Irregulars Teaser Trailer Has Arrived Today with Reveals Release Date

The Irregulars Teaser Trailer Has Arrived Today with Reveals Release Date

The Irregulars has been announced by Netflix earlier. But finally, its teaser has also arrived revealing the release date! It seems that the upcoming series will be taking us right back to Sherlock Holmes‘s world in a whole different way by featuring supernatural elements. The upcoming British-American crime drama series is developed by the Drama Republic to land on Netflix very soon! Here is what we know about the upcoming show so far including its synopsis, cast, teaser, and more.

In The Irregulars, it will be all about Holmes‘ rag-tag spy gang who collect and bring information around for him. They actually have been appearing in the original stories of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Baker Street Irregulars. But this time, they are taking place right in the middle of the show, instead of the famous detective and his trusty doctor. So, step back Holmes! And as another change, they won’t be fighting just criminals, but also supernatural criminals! Cool, right? And don’t worry, even if he wouldn’t be in front of the series this time, Sherlock and Watson will still be there somehow. So, let’s find out more about this exciting new series together!

What is the synopsis of The Irregulars?

“Set in Victorian London, the series follows a gang of troubled delinquent teens who are manipulated into solving crimes for the sinister Doctor Watson and his mysterious business partner. As the crimes take on a horrifying supernatural edge and a dark power emerges, it’ll be up to the Irregulars to come together to save London, each other, and potentially the entire world.”

Most of us surely remember the group of street kids that Holmes‘d use to gather clues. But it seems they will be the ones taking charge this time and solve the whole cases. On the other hand, the official synopsis sounds a little like Doctor Watson might not be that good in this portrayal. That’s mostly because of the ‘sinister’ adjective which is put on him. We could never call him like that before. So, it seems a lot will change in The Irregulars.

Tom Bidwell, the creator of the upcoming series, also talked and explained the show a little, earlier.

“Our story focuses on the Irregulars, the gang themselves. It’s their story, their adventure. Sherlock Holmes is in the story, it’s his world, but he’s not the central focus. He plays a big part in it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s about the kids and their journeys. We set out with that intention, why can’t they go into what is predominantly a man’s world and kick a bit of ass?”

The creator also explained how and why he made changes to the overall tone of the show. Bidwell told that he wanted to make The Irregulars more modern by equal parts of mystery, action, and romance.

“I wanted to stay away from things that are classic period Victorian, more like Dickensian stuff. I wanted to make it feel exciting and scary and very, very fresh so these characters are very accessible to a modern audience. They have problems that we have, they don’t speak in a period way, they speak to each other in a more contemporary way than you would probably expect from a Victorian adaptation.”

Bidwell also spoke about the supernatural elements he added to the upcoming series of Netflix:

“The supernatural element brings a kind of Victorian horror to the show that’s very different to what you’d expect in the Sherlock Holmes novels. Because sometimes I’m reading the Sherlock Holmes novels and I end up wishing that those were real. In our show, the mysteries can be solved, but they can’t be very easily explained with rational thought – there’s monsters and ghouls and horrors attacking the city of London.”

So, we can understand that he wanted to create a new story that he wishes for Sherlock Holmes. So Bidwell took inspiration from Doyle’s own supernatural stories and introduced them with magical elements in The Irregulars. There’s not more information about the show except its official Netflix synopsis. But we might make some guesses by Bidwell’s statements about it.

“That idea stayed with me for like a decade, at least, until it developed in my mind,” he says. “When you’re a young writer and you bring these big ideas that sometimes I think you’re not quite ready to write them yet, maybe I’ve been kind of training my whole career to write The Irregulars and now I’ve finally made it!” Bidwell finished his words.

After him, now we are the ones waiting really eagerly to be able to watch it. The expectation for The Irregulars is really high, for sure. But thankfully, there is not much left time for it to land Netflix. And we will be taking all our answers then!

Cast members of the show

  • Thaddea Graham as Bea
  • Darci Shaw as Jessie
  • Jojo Macari as Billy
  • McKell David as Spike
  • Aidan McArdle as Lestrade
  • Harrison Osterfeld as Leopold
  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes
  • Royce Pierreson as Dr. Watson

Mark Hugh-Williams and Sheila Atim and much more are also in the cast as well.

When will The Irregulars release on Netflix?

Netflix has revealed the premiere date of The Irregulars today with a tweet that had also been added a teaser. Saying,

“You think you’ve seen horror? You know nothing of what it is to be afraid. The Irregulars, streaming March 26th.”

Here is the trailer down below for you to watch. Already get excited so much, right? Let’s see when we will be able to see also a trailer together. So maybe we can assume much more about the series. Till then, stay tuned for more news!

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