The Halloween Wardrobe of Walker Scobell Proves Why He Adores Ryan Reynolds

The Halloween Wardrobe of Walker Scobell Proves Why He Adores Ryan Reynolds

If you believe Walker Scobell is the perfect version of mini-Ryan Reynolds, you should definitely check out his Halloween costumes that are trending on Twitter.

Walker Scobell plays the young Adam in The Adam Project. He meets the adult Adam played by Ryan Reynolds, after adult Adam’s time travel from 2050 to 2022. Over the years, we as fans of time-travel movies have a perception that any disruption in the present will create interference in the future. So, young Adam has the same perception. But adult Adam told him these things are far more complicated than these concepts.

The cast of the film is star-studded, which includes Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and Jennifer Garner. But, an amazing performance by young Adam has definitely captured a lot of attention. So, if you are still thinking, Walker Scobell is in the industry for a long time, we had to mention that you are wrong.

The Adam Project is the debut feature film of young Adam aka Walker Scobell.

Let’s dig a little more about Walker Scobell and his obsession with Reynolds.

Walker Scobell: the mini-version of Ryan Reynolds

Walker Scobell might be only 13-year-old, but he is a Ryan Reynolds scholar. He has almost seen every movie of Ryan Reynolds and from his other interviews, we can tell Reynolds is his absolute favorite actor. He can mimic the whole script of Reynolds’s Deadpool before even auditioning for The Adam Project. In an interview with EW, Ryan Reynolds claims, “I just turned the camera, and I went, ‘Deadpool 2. Go!’ And he does everything. Not just that, he does improvised stage direction and the exposition lines, the stuff that you would never remember, the stuff that’s setting up the premise.”

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Even the director of the sci-fi film, Shawn Levy, claims in Around the Table, that Scobell can channel Ryan. Levy explains the crew has seen hundreds of young boys auditioning for the film. But when they notice Scobell, they instantly knew he was talented and special, and a sick fan of Deadpool. Levy expresses, “I feel like that was our superpower in this movie.”

Scobell Halloween costumes inspired by Reynold’s movies

So, recently Netflix Geeked’s Twitter account uploaded four adorable pictures of Walker Scobell in his Halloween costume. The tweet captioned as, “just how much of a Ryan Reynolds fan was Walker Scobell before he got cast as young Adam in THE ADAM PROJECT? well, let me show you some of his Halloween costumes from the past few years.”

The first photo of Walker Scobell is from Green Lantern, a forgettable film by Ryan Reynolds. Throughout the years, Ryan has been embarrassed by the fact that he played the role. In various gigs and moments, the actor has jokingly talked about how he would like to time travel and stop himself from signing the project. Another photo shows Walker slaying the Free Guy costume. Just like how Ryan aced the role of NPC in the movie, it is safe to say that Walker really did a great job with the Halloween costume. Lastly, we see how the adorable Walker is acing the iconic-sassy Deadpool pose and the costume. The kid surely is a true fan of Ryan or as we can say his “young twin”.

Little did Walker know that one day he is going to be working with his role model, Ryan Reynolds. Watch The Adam Project on Netflix.

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