The Guild of Felicia Day is Leaving Netflix After 2 Years

The Guild of Felicia Day is Leaving Netflix After 2 Years

A comedy web series The Guild has been streaming on Netflix since 2019. But after 2 years, it has been announced that The Guild will be leaving Netflix soon.

Felicia Day had written and created The Guild in between acting roles in several American television shows and movies. After two years of gaming, Day wanted to make something productive from her experiences so she wrote the series as a sitcom television pilot. The reason for keeping the series generic was to avoid copyright problems and to reach much more MMORPG fans. But still, everyone knows that The Guild has based on Felicia Day‘s World of Warcraft addiction.

The first season of the show had premiered first on YouTube in 2007. They filmed the first three episodes in two and a half days and then they ran out of money. So the fourth and fifth episodes financed after the donations through PayPal were solicited.

When will it leave Netflix?

The Guild landed on Netflix USA and Canada in March 2019. Despite The series took six seasons, Netflix has released each season one episode. So, there are 6 episodes of the show and they will all be going. The runtimes vary from 43 minutes all the way up to 1 hour and 35 minutes in some cases. The Guild‘s all seasons 1 to season 6 will leave Netflix in the United States and Canada regions on March 1st, 2021. So you still have some time to watch the series, if you are interested.

What are the cast members of ‘The Guild’ series?

Day also wanted to show that the stereotypical man living in his parents’ basement is not the only kind of gamer. So she decided to stream the series online with Jane Selle Morgan and Kim Evey. Felicia Day had already known Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis from Empty Stage Comedy, so she wrote their roles for them. Felicia Day also starred in The Guild, too. And the rest of the cast was filled through auditions.

So other names on the cast include Robin Thorsen, Amy Okuda, Vincent Caso. So don’t worry! The series is maybe over but you can still catch the team of The Guild on Twitch playing together, mostly Sundays.

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