The Crazy Story of Kinsey and Gabe in Locke & Key Seasons 1 and 2

The Crazy Story of Kinsey and Gabe in Locke & Key Seasons 1 and 2

There is something about the enemies-to-lovers trope that makes us all crazy about them, but this Netflix show has probably given us one of the best storylines following the opposite of the trope; lovers-to-enemies. The disguises that Dodge takes throughout the show are really fascinating but the best is Gabe, and the relationship he had with Kinsey. So here is a look back at the story of Gabe and Kinsey from Locke & Key.

Gabe really went from being the cute warm presence on screen to the face that you’d really hate every time you see. It was so heartwarming to see him ad Kinsey go from co-workers to friends and then finally turn into a lovable couple; it really did break my heart to see what they eventually became on the Netflix show.

New people in Matheson

Kinsey and Gabe both came to the town of Matheson, Massachusetts almost around the same time; it is only after the season finale that we understand the reason behind it; as Dodge was released from the Well House only after Bode gave her the Anywhere Key.

However, the first few meetings of Gabe and Kinsey were really abstract, as they only met when the whole crew of the Savini Squad was hanging out or working on their movie; The Splattering. It was really just an honest friendship, at least it felt like that for the time being.

Gabe, Kinsey, and Locke & Key’s sea caves

It was only after the crew paid a visit to the sea caves, and also the Black Door that Gabe and Kinsey came close. Gabe actually put his life in danger trying to save Kinsey, and with everything going a bit downhill with Scot; Kinsey felt a certain comfort with Gabe. This was the very first kiss, and it really was very sweet.

The viewers did see a certain spark between the couple and were served with a really cute relationship as well. It went on for the whole remaining and even season 2 of Locke & Key; until Kinsey came to know about the reality; and saw the demon who deceived her.

An angel, a demon, and a pretty majestic fall

The big fight was of course inevitable, and it finally happened when Kinsey came to take on Dodge who is a demon with the Angel Key. Kinsey was really shattered when she found out the reality of Gabe; she felt betrayed and she had all the right to feel that way.

Gabe was finally killed when Tyler used the Alpha key on him and thus freed Lucas from Dodge. It definitely is not the best love story to take away from the show, but it sure was a cute one, at least while it lasted.

So this was the tale of Gabe and Kinsey from the Netflix Original Locke & Key, while the finale did appear to be an end for Dodge; the world of Locke & Key is unpredictable.

You can stream Locke & Key season 2 on Netflix.

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