The Chestnut Man Is a Tiny Figurine in the 6 Episodes Psychological Thriller on Netflix: Why to Watch, Reviews and More

The Chestnut Man Is a Tiny Figurine in the 6 Episodes Psychological Thriller on Netflix: Why to Watch, Reviews and More

The Chestnut Man is a brand new psychological thriller on Netflix, streaming from September 29th, 2021. The chilling and creepy Danish series is popping hot on Netflix. The story is about a mysterious serial killer who leaves tiny chestnut figurines behind with the persons he kills. The show, rated 8.1 on IMDb, has a slow-burn vibe just like The Killings.

Directed by Kasper Barfoed and Mikkel Serup, the drama is based on a novel of the same name by Søren Sveistrup. It has only six episodes, but these episodes are abundantly filled with absorbing murder mysteries to feed the hunger of thrill and horror lovers.


The plot develops around a young woman found brutally murdered in a playground in Copenhagen,  with one of her hands missing. Ambitious detective Naia Thulin and her new partner, Mark Hess, are assigned to find the murderer. They notice a small figurine made up of chestnut and sticks lying above the dead body. Further, the fingerprints of a politician’s missing daughter, presumed dead for a year, are found on the chestnut figurine. This recent murder then opens up an old murder case of an entire family in 1987 on an isolated farm.

What to expect from The Chestnut Man?

The series is ambiguous and unsettling. There is always something left behind. In the first episode out of the six, a group of Danish schoolchildren sings a rhyme about the chestnut man, “Chestnut Man, Come Inside Chestnut Man, Come Inside, Do you have any chestnut…”.

A murderer leaves a chestnut man after killing the young woman. Interestingly, the outer casing is still green like it has just fallen from the tree. The frequent murders are not enough. There comes more on the way as the mystery gets further twisted. There happens to be a repetition of patterns from the 30-year-old murders on an isolated farm. Now again, ‘Chestnut Man’ has returned and is on a killing spree.

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The Chestnut Man Cast

The Chestnut Man has strong Danish lead actors portraying the intense characters of the show. It features Danica Curcic as Naia Thulin, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard as Mark Hess, Esben Dalgaard Andersen as Steen Hartung, David Dencik as Simon Genz, Iben Dorner as Rosa Hartung, Liva Forsberg as Le Thulin, Ali Kazim as Nehru, Louis Næss-Schmidt as Gustav Hartung, Lars Ranthe as Nylander, and Morten Brovn as Frederik Voge.

How excited are you about watching this new thrilling Danish drama based on a serial killer?

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