The Adam Project Interview: Ryan Reynolds Advises Walker Scobell to Not Listen to Mark Ruffalo, Here’s Why

The Adam Project Interview: Ryan Reynolds Advises Walker Scobell to Not Listen to Mark Ruffalo, Here’s Why

The Adam Project castmates, including Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Saldana chatted up with 13-year-old Walker Scobell who plays little Ryan on the sci-fi movie. The Adam Project interview has too many noteworthy moments with the cast candidly answering Walker’s questions. But there is one particular moment that got the Deadpool star panicking! 

Mark Ruffalo’s nickname was Fart Buffalo 

Yes, the very star who portrayed Hulk on the screen was once called Fart Buffalo. The reason? The two names just go well together! Whereas Zoe was called E.T because of her long neck, and Ryan was bestowed with the nickname – Chip. Just because he resembled a chipmunk. Garner didn’t have a nickname but she described herself as a band geek. Saldana is all of us who thought we were pretty cool back in school but the truth was far from reality. 

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Ruffalo revealed he failed in French Twice on The Adam Project interview

Ruffalo quickly found out he wasn’t good at French. The star flunked French Two twice. But he remains optimistic about it, “Well, I was great in French One.” That got a lot of chuckles from the rest of the cast. Talking about their favorite subjects in school, Zoe mentions hers was Algebra. Although, Geometry wasn’t her thing. A flabbergasted Ryan blurts, “They all sound the same to me.” They also disclosed their favorite movies during The Adam Project Interview. Zoe’s is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which immediately strikes a chord with Ryan. The actor has 3 daughters, he knows more about that than anybody else. “Also it’s a way of life,” he says.

Ryan wants his younger self to forget about Fiona Gorchinsky

Reynolds wants his younger self to forget about Fiona Gorchinsky. She was the most popular girl in his school, and “utterly unapproachable”. Exasperated Ryan says, “Forget about Fiona Gorchinsky. It’s never going to happen!” Ryan outright advises Walker to not pay heed to Ruffalo’s words. He panicked when the latter started talking about finding weed when he was 13 in French. Saying, “He’s (Walker’s father Pedro) is a very scary man.” Apart from the humorous moments, they did advise Walker to read more, learn something new, and challenge his comfort. 

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