The A List season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

The A List season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

Has Netflix announced The A List season 2 release date yet? When is the new season of the teenage drama series coming out?

The A List follows a group of teenagers and their summer camp on an island called Peregrine. As a romance, competition, and drama boil around the teenagers, supernatural events also start to unravel after some time. The A List is a great TV series for those who love teenage drama with a touch of thriller and suspense.

Created by Nina Metivier and Dan Berlinka, The A List made its debut on BBC iPlayer back in 2018. The creator of the show Dan Berlinka also served as a director of a few episodes.

The A List season 2 release date

Netflix released the first season of The A List on August 30, 2019. After acquiring the series from BBC One, Netflix renewed the series and announced that the second season was on its way.

The popular streaming service revealed the release date and announced that The A List season 2 was coming on June 25, 2021. The time gap between the first and the second seasons is almost two years. There are a couple of reasons why the show took its time before returning with a new season.

Pandemic-related restrictions probably caused lots of delays in filming and production. And the series was going to be available on BBC only at first. The legal process of making the series available on Netflix might have taken some time as well. Regardless, we know that season 2 is right at the door and we are going to see new episodes at the end of June. Amber, with the strange aura revolving around her, will continue to captivate the audience.

The A List Season 2 trailer

The official trailer for the second trailer has landed on the official YouTube channel of Netflix Futures. 2-minute long video shows the aftermath of the first season.

How many episodes will be in The A List Season 2?

We should also note that The A List season 2 will consist of eight episodes. All of them will be available on 25 June 2021. So it might be time to binge-watch the first season again to refresh your memory.

The A List season 2 cast

The A List season 2 release date, cast, synopsis and more
The A List Season 2 – Credit: Netflix

We are definitely going to see most of the names below in the second season. There is always the possibility of seeing new faces in a supernatural show like this. The A List season 2 cast is quite open to welcome new faces.

And thanks to the trailer, we know that some of the characters will come back. Even though we thought that they would not be coming, season 2 is going to surprise us. Here’s the cast:

  • Benjamin Nugent as Harry
  • Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia
  • Ellie Duckles as Amber
  • Jacob Dudman as Dev
  • Micheal Ward as Brendan
  • Rosie Dwyer as Alex
  • Cian Barry as Dave
  • Nneka Okoye as Mags
  • Jack Kane as Zack
  • Eleanor Bennett as Jenna
  • Georgina Sadler as Petal
  • Savannah Baker as Kayleigh
  • Max Lohan as Luka

Well, here’s everything about The A List season 2 release date on June 25th, 2021 is right at the door and we hope you enjoy the new episodes.

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