Tevin From Raising Dion- Everything You Need To Know About The Actor And His Romance With Nicole

Tevin From Raising Dion- Everything You Need To Know About The Actor And His Romance With Nicole

After almost two years of wait, the most anticipated season of Raising Dion is here. As the second season of this sci-fi adventure landed on Netflix on 2 February 2022, we met many fresh faces. Among them, the one who touched our hearts is Tevin. In this season, we see Dion getting older and still struggling with his tremendous powers. His mother, Nicole, is more protective towards her son, after what happened with Pat in season one. Although she doesn’t trust Tevin in Raising Dion at first, we see little lovely sparks igniting between them towards the end.

Who is Tevin in Raising Dion?

Season 2 of Raising Dion introduces us to Tevin Wakefield, a bodacious supporting character, played by Rome Flynn. Wakefield is a former Olympic-level athlete who seems to have superpowers. Being able to use his powers both in defense and attack, Tevin proves himself to be the perfect fit for a trainer at BIONA, despite the limitations of his abilities.

At BIONA he skillfully helps the powered to acuminate their powers. Charismatic in his looks, decent in his ways, and honorable in his conduct, Tevin swiftly makes a good impression on everyone on and off the screen. Further, he relates to Dion and becomes his father figure. He trains him and Janelle to use their powers to their highest potential throughout the second season.

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Is there chemistry between Tevin and Nicole?

When Nicole meets Tevin for the first time, she discovers he is superhuman and treats him rudely due to her past experience with Pat. Later, she learns that he is her son’s trainer and distrusts him even more. However, with time, she is convinced that he is a perfect suit for Dion, and starts seeing him in a good way. With time, Nicole finds herself falling for Tevin and we enjoy brief moments of cheesiness between them. Although they meet a couple of times, Dion has always been more important to them than their relationship. Hence, they are not able to figure everything out just yet.

Evidently, before season 2 premiered on Netflix, Aisha Wainwright told HollywoodLife that there’s attraction, but they won’t force or rush into their romance. “It’s hard because unfortunately as much as we want to see a romance unfold, it’s not a priority for her,” Alisha said. “But I think sometimes she and I think a lot of parents can relate to, you don’t necessarily put yourself first. You’re always kind of thinking about your kid.”

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However, nothing is official yet and we can only hope they end up together. Only season three can tell what’s there for us and the lovebirds in the future. Stay tuned with us to find out how the story unfolds.

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