Tekken: Bloodline – List of Characters Apart From Jin and Jun That Should Appear in the Show

Tekken: Bloodline – List of Characters Apart From Jin and Jun That Should Appear in the Show

Whether you like anime or not, you have to admit that Netflix has an amazing library. Whether it be quasi anime like Nightmare of the Wolf or traditional blockbusters like Demon Slayer. Netflix is constantly finding new content to grow its library. On the note earlier this month, the streaming giant announced TEKKEN: BLOODLINE adaptation releasing later this year.

As soon as the fans heard this, they were instantly taken on a trip to their childhood. We being among them, just can’t help to think who of our favorite fighters might show up in the series. So let us take a look at characters from the game that we should be seeing in the animated series.

TEKKEN: BLOODLINE potential appearances

Netflix recently published a short clip that revealed that Jin Kazama would be the focus of the plot, which will take place between the events of Tekken 2 and Tekken 3.

We’ve already seen Ogre, Heihachi (Jin’s grandpa), Jun (Jin’s mother), Kazuya (Jin’s father), Paul Phoenix, Ganryu, and King in the video, and they all fit neatly into the Tekken 2/Tekken 3 timeline. But, shockingly, we also see Leroy Smith, who made his debut in the most recent Tekken 7. This implies that any character from the series might appear in the anime.

So if we go by that assumption, any character apart from the Tekken 2/3 is equally probable to appear. So here are the characters we want to make a cameo in the series, at least.

Eddy Gordo

If you’ve played Tekken 3, you’ll be familiar with Eddy Gordo. Until about Tekken 4, when he meets Christie Monteiro, this Brazilian Capoeira expert doesn’t have much of a backstory.

Even so, we’d want to see him in the Netflix series, even if it’s only for a cameo. Because it’s difficult to think of Tekken 3 without also conjuring up images of Eddy Gordo. The two are almost inseparably linked.

Lei Wulong

Lei is a police officer who is attempting to put an end to Heihachi’s reign of terror, and he’s entered the King of the Iron Fist Tournament to do it.

Because he is a police officer, Lei Wulong might give a valuable insight into the exterior affairs of the Mishima firm. Because, while Lei Wulong is inextricably linked to Heihachi.

He may also serve as a great bridge into the world beyond Heihachi’s organization. Which would be welcome in this new series.

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Nina Williams

Nina is probably one of the strong female protagonists of the game series. She is a stone-cold assassin and has a no-prisoner policy.

In the games, she has even tried to kill Jin several times, which will fit perfectly into the series’s narrative as it focuses on Jin. Her troubled relationship with her sister Anna ( also a character we would love to see in the show) will be exciting chemistry for the viewers.

Watch the teaser trailer for the series here and be as excited as we are!

So here is our list of characters we would like to see on the show. Do lets us know your entries for characters you want to see in the show.

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