Swedish royal drama series Young Royals coming to Netflix this July

Swedish royal drama series Young Royals coming to Netflix this July

Netflix shared the official trailer for Young Royals, which is a new romance-drama series telling of the Swedish prince.

Netflix does not stop giving the fans some insight into their intriguing local productions. Also, recently Netflix shared the trailer for their new Turkish movie Last Summer. And now, we have the official trailer for a royal Swedish series called Young Royals.

This new Netflix show is about a young member of the Swedish royal family who tries to adapt to his new life. In the trailer, it seems he got into some trouble, which led his family to make him go to another school. Prince Wilhelm tries to get his act together in his new and prestigious school Hillerska. However, it’s much harder than he anticipated. We don’t know much more about the series yet, and we can only talk about what’s given to us in the trailer and the synopsis.

What is the synopsis of Young Royals?

Well, we’ve already talked a bit about the series’ premise. It’ll tell us about Prince Wilhelm’s struggle to get on with his new life. Moreover, some fans are happy as it seems like Netflix is going to represent a gay relationship in the lead role. They also draw a parallel between Young Royals and Major Red, White & Royal Blue, given the vibe in the former’s trailer.

If you want to look at Netflix’s synopsis of their new Swedish drama, check it out below. “A young prince and one huge dilemma – love or duty?” they say, teasing Wilhelm’s problems more.

“Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.”

How many episodes will Young Royals have?

The first season of Young Royals, consisting of six episodes, is not going to be a long one. Nevertheless, we don’t know the runtime yet. And of course, Netflix might as well renew the series for a second season right after its release if they see the potential.

Who are in the cast and crew of Young Royals?

Lisa Ambjörn is the head writer and the creator of Young Royals for Netflix. She previously worked on Sjukt and White Wall, which are other Swedish works.

Here are some of the cast members and the characters they play.

  • Edvin Ryding as Wilhelm
  • Mimmi Cyon as Fredrika
  • Uno Elger as Walter
  • Ingela Olsson as Anette Lilja
  • Fabian Penje as Henry
  • Carmen Gloria Perez as Linda
  • Felicia Truedsson as Stella
  • Nathalie Varli as Madison
  • Nils Wetterholm as Vincent
  • Aminah al Fakir as Fröken Ahdal
  • Peter Carlberg as Magister Englund
  • Claes Hartelius as Boris
  • Inti Zamora Sobrado as Ayub
  • Pierre Wilkner as Husfar

What is the release date of Young Royals?

Netflix is going to release Young Royals on July 1st. We already have less than two weeks until the release. While waiting for the release date, you can check out the series’ official trailer below.

Are you excited to watch Young Royals, do you plan on watching the series?

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