Summer themed Netflix Movies and Series in 2021

Summer themed Netflix Movies and Series in 2021

With the increasing temperatures, we can all feel that summer is almost there. But this brings us to the question “What to watch during this hot weather?”. That’s why we’ve listed the best summer-themed movies and series on Netflix.

The Last Summer

This Netflix original movie is best for especially teenagers who are about to start their college life. Starring KJ Apa -famous for his role in Riverdale”, this movie focuses on a group of teenagers and their last summer adventure before they set sail for college. Summer flicks, love, teenage moods; this movie is the definition of summer and being young. If you like teenage movies this is a must-to-watch especially during summer.


Even the artworks of this movie are enough the describe it as a summer movie. This French movie is based on three best friends and their adventures on a vacation. Starring Marie-Josée Croze, Virginie Ledoyen, and Axelle Laffont, these three best friends are trying to start a relationship with younger men on vacation in this movie. Even though it doesn’t have a deep story or character development, you can expect to laugh a lot during the screen time.

Too Hot To Handle

This unfamiliar type of reality show brings us to tropical islands with a really interesting concept. 10 unaware contestants are joining this no-date dating show without knowing what they are signing for. If they want to win the prize of $100.000, they need to control themselves from any sexual, intimate moment. If they fail, they leave the island. After it’s successful first season Too Hot To Handle is coming to Netflix with its second season in late June.

Million Dollar Beach House

Our list continues with yet another reality show. If you are the type of person who likes luxury buildings this show is exactly for you. In this show called Million Dollar Beach House, young and successful agents try to score some listings and do multimillion-dollar deals on luxury places located in The Hamptons. These agents are all working for a real firm called Nest Seekers International and try their best during the show.

Caught By A Wave

Coming to the screens this year, Caught By A Wave brings us to the beaches of Sicily. In this Spanish movie, we’re witnessing a newborn love between Sara and Lorenzo. We’re seeing their progression with both their love and the thing that brought them together during the movie: Surfing.


Here we are with another domestic series. This time our destination is Italy’s Adriatic coast. Inspired by Federico Moccia’s books, Summertime takes us to the adventures of Summer and Ale who are from different worlds and different lives. After the first season premiered last year, Summertime is coming back again with a second season on June 3rd.

This was our list for summer-themed Netflix movies and series. Please do not forget to let us know your opinions on our picks for this list. If you have other recommendations for summer movies we’re also looking forward to hearing them.

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