Stranger Things star is getting a spinoff comic book

Stranger Things star is getting a spinoff comic book

Unique Stranger Things character Erica Sinclair is getting a spin-off comic book titled “Erica the Great”. This comic book also coming out in 2021.

Stranger Things is a great series that introduces us to well-written characters. Virtually every character in the series has a deep personality and feels just about real. Rather disappointingly, the series cannot tell us about all of the characters. Some characters do not get enough time for us to get to know them. Lucas’ sister Erica Sinclair is one of them with her loosey-goosey and unbothered personality. Fortunately, she’s getting a spinoff comic by Dark Horse Comics titled “Erica the Great.” We will get to know Erica better in this comic that’s completely focused on her.

What is Erica the Great about?

Here’s the synopsis exclusively revealed by SYFY:

“The storyline finds Hawkins, Indiana still plagued by more strange events. With the Starcourt Mall’s recent destruction, Erica has lost her favorite hangout spot and her sweet ‘free Ice cream for life’ deal at Scoops-Ahoy.”

Greg Pak and Danny Lore write the comic while Valeria Favoccia deals with the artwork. Letters are from Nate Piekos and colors are by Dan Jackson.

Here’s what the writer Greg Pak had to say about the comic:

“I love the way tie-in comics can open the door for tremendous supporting characters to become the star of the show. And Erica Sinclair is absolutely a star! It’s been a blast exploring her world with Danny and Valeria and company and I can’t wait ’til everyone gets to see how Erica the Great earns her name.”

Dark Horse Comics is going to release Erica the Great on November 23, 2021. You can pre-order it from Barnes, Amazon, Noble, or your local comic shop for $12.99.

What about Stranger Things season 4?

If you cannot wait to see more news about the new season of Stranger Things, we have kind of bad news for you. Gaten Matarazzo has revealed in a recent interview that there were very few reliable dates to announce. He said they did not progress so far with the production process.

Another star from Stranger Things, namely Finn Wolfhard, gave us release date rumors. The new season is “hopefully” coming in 2022.

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