Stranger Things season 4 isn’t coming to Netflix in September 2021

Stranger Things season 4 isn’t coming to Netflix in September 2021

The next season of Stranger Things will not launch in the following month. Stranger Things fans have to wait for more as season 4 isn’t even coming this year.

Stranger Things, which is a series that needs no introduction, is pretty close to wrapping up its new season. Ever since the third season was released in Summer 2019, we’ve been waiting for it. Unfortunately, the production process hasn’t been so smooth. Initially, we were expecting to see the new season drop around early or mid-2021 at the latest. However, the pandemic messed up with the production of the new season, so we’re still waiting for it. It seems we’ll have to wait even for more as Stranger Things season 4 isn’t coming to Netflix in September 2021.

So, when can we expect the new season to drop? We fortunately know more about it thanks to a recent sneak peek video. Let’s wrap out the details about the release date of Stranger Things season 4 and try to make a good guess.

Stranger Things season 4 release date

Thanks to the sneak peek video that Netflix shared, we know that Stranger Things season 4 is coming sometime in 2022. Previously, the star Finn Wolfhard pointed towards a 2022 release, and the crew didn’t take a long way. So, we could already rule out a 2021 release. Right now, it’s confirmed that the release date is in 2022.

Still, 2022 is a pretty broad window as you can see. Therefore, we’ll have to rely on what we currently know to guess a narrower release date.

The filming of Stranger Things season 4 is pretty close to a wrap. Virtually all of the actors and the crew members highlight it in their interviews. Furthermore, David Harbour earlier said that they were planning to finish filming in August. So yeah, it seems it’s just a matter of time before we get a wrap-up announcement – perhaps even a new teaser. Note that we’ll see two more teasers before the release.

After they finish filming, we’ll have to wait for them to tackle the post-production process. We know that a season usually takes around 6-8 months to post-produce. Well, it’ll probably take around 8 months with the case of Stranger Things. That’s because the season is pretty big, and it’ll require a lot of visual effects. We’re talking about Stranger Things here, folks.

So yeah, when we add that 8 months on top of August 2021, we get a possible release date of April 2022. It’s a bold prediction, so you can expect the new season to drop slightly sooner or later than that. But if everything goes fine, it seems Stranger Things season 4 is underway for an early-mid 2022 release date.

As to what to anticipate from the new season, the expectations are sky-high. The actors and the crew think that the new season is going to be much bigger and darker than the previous ones. The scripts and attention to detail are immaculate, too. If the makers are that much excited, it seems fans will go crazy after the release if the promises are kept. We’ll see.

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