Stranger Things: Every Mock-Up of the Upside Down Raking 15 Landmarks in the Real World

Stranger Things: Every Mock-Up of the Upside Down Raking 15 Landmarks in the Real World

There is probably one thing that could beat the refreshing story of Stranger Things, its amazing characters and the 80s horror vibe. It would be their promotional campaign. And we are not just talking about season four. In fact, Netflix and their media team have always been at the top of advertising and promoting all Originals, but Stranger Things takes the cake.

Whenever a new season is about to drop for the record-breaking show, the media team makes sure their campaign starts at least months before the release date. Now interviews, social media interactions, and press releases are something that everyone does. But Stranger Things really ups the ante just before the season is about to release.

And as we are just two days away from the show, something huge is about to happen in over 15 countries.

The largest promotional event for Stranger Things

Season four of the Stranger Things is going to be different in every way, episode length or budget, you name it. So how can the promotional event be any less?

Recently Stranger Things‘ official Twitter account posted coordinates to the most popular cities of the world, like New York, London, and Tokyo, among others, in a pure Upside Down way. Captioning the picture were the words “Something big is coming.”

This has made the fans go completely crazy as they feel a huge promotional event regarding Upside Down will take place soon. They just cannot wait to see what the studio and the show have in store for them just days before the actual season releases.

That’s why they have come up with special mock-up images of what the event could look like. Here are some concept images, and they are truly breathtaking.

Hard to believe that these are concept images. But just look at them. It certainly makes all of the fans wonder if the concept looks so great the actual event will surely blow the minds of the whole world.

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There are still a few hours left to the promotional event, so the real magnitude of it remains a mystery. However, going by the grandness of the whole season, it is safe to assume that this year’s promotional event too will be one for the history books.

Will you be attending the event in your cities? Let us know in the comments.

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