Stranger Things creators working on Stephen King’s Talisman as a Netflix series

Stranger Things creators working on Stephen King’s Talisman as a Netflix series

Duffer Bros., creators of Stranger Things, will be executive producing Stephen King‘s Talisman as a series, created by Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg is adapting Stephen King’s Talisman for Netflix. The famous dark fantasy book by Talisman will be a Netflix series. Curtis Gwinn, who also worked for the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things, will be the writer and showrunner of the series, while Duffer Bros themselves will be the executive producers. Spielberg has sure got some sound company for such a series, as Stranger Things can also be thought of as a dark fantasy, which was created with some inspiration from Stephen King’s books.

Spielberg originally intended to make it a movie when he first read Talisman and was baffled by it, as told by Hollywood Reporter. He got the screen rights and has been working for over 35 years to find a way to adapt it for theaters. It’s finally ready, not as a movie though. Talisman will be a series which will be produced by Netflix, in concur with Paramount TV Studios and Amblin Television of Steven Spielberg.

About the Talisman novel, and upcoming series

To sum up, the series will be Netflix original, written and ran by Curtis Gwinn who worked for Stranger Things as a writer and executive producer, executive produced by Duffer Brothers who created Stranger Things and created by Amblin Television and Paramount Television Studios. 

Talisman as a novel is a story about the life of a 12-year-old boy named Jack Sawyer, whose aim on the journey he takes on is to save his mother’s life. He needs to find a powerful relic named Talisman, which not only will help his mother live but also can save the world, as he learns later. In his adventure, Sawyer goes back and forth between America, as we know now, and its dangerous twin, The Territories. 

Spielberg also adding Stranger Things creators to the squad seems like an excellent idea, given the similarities between the two productions. What do you think about this upcoming Netflix series? Will you watch Talisman? Are you excited about it?

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