‘Stranger Things’ 4 Fans Would Die For Their Friends Not Remembering Their Favorite Song, as They Themselves Don’t Do

‘Stranger Things’ 4 Fans Would Die For Their Friends Not Remembering Their Favorite Song, as They Themselves Don’t Do

How would you feel if the very close people in your life do not know the one thing that could save your life? Well, usually they do, but at the time of emergency they cannot figure it out. The same kind of situation created impatience and concern in the hearts of the Stranger Things fans. Max was in a situation where only one thing could save her life. What situation was she in? What could have saved her? Fans are screaming over it.

Fans react to Max’s friends saving her life

After watching the thrilling season 4 of Stranger Things, fans are picking the moment where Lucas, Dustin, and Steve try to save Max from Vecna in the Upside Down. Robin said that if they would play her favorite song, it would open the door to reality and she could come back. Now, all they had to do was to find her favorite song. The fans are talking about this moment. Look at one of the tweets.

Almost immediately, they find the song and they are able to open the door to reality for her. Those few minutes were risky, but they figured it out. Did she get out? It would spoil the moment for you if you’d know this.

Songs in the Stranger Things

Any show or movie is as effective and appealing as they are is because music plays a huge role in supporting the plot. The Stranger Things is no exception. Sci-Fi thrilling drama has some beautifully relevant songs that make the particular scene more effective.

This scene where they have to find Max’s favorite song to rescue her is also symbolic of the situation and her state of mind. Her favorite song ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush plays the portal to her mind is open. She is tied by Venca in order to keep her there in the Upside Down. As the song plays and Venca says, ‘They can’t help you, Max.’ But Mex gathers her strength and faith and says, ‘You’re not really here.’

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‘Come on, Come on, Darling. Let’s exchange the experience…’ and she frees herself from the grip of Venca’s trap and runs towards the portal. Running up the hill of chaos to be free from it.

Thus, music becomes the key here. As Hatch said, ‘Music can reach parts of the brain that words can’t.’ You have to watch the episode to know whether or not this lifeline to reality worked for Max.

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