WATCH: Squid Game Cast Tries the Dalgona Challenge. Do They Actually Win?

WATCH: Squid Game Cast Tries the Dalgona Challenge. Do They Actually Win?

Squid Game’s third episode featured the Dalgona challenge, and it has stuck in every fan’s head. Now, the Squid Game cast tried the challenge one more time without the consequences of death, of course.

Jun-ho (Wi Ha-Jun), Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon), Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryoung), Ali (Anupam Tripathi), and Ji-yeong (Lee You-mi) took part in the challenge. The narrator asked the Squid Game cast to carve the shapes stamped in the candy while answering the questions.

Instagram after Squid Game

When the narrator quizzed the cast about the popularity of the show, they all more or less had the same answer, revealing that their Instagram has seen a boom of followers. However, Deok-su had a unique problem. He said, “They keep DMing me to take them to the restroom.” He burst out in laughter as he narrated that.

Han Mi-nyeo revealed that she got compliments from fans telling her she looked pretty. Upon saying this, she laughed, but the crew immediately told her she is beautiful. While laughing, she asked, “Am I pretty?” 

Hardest game the cast played

When asked about the hardest game, most of the cast replied with Tug-of-war, but Ji-yeong gave reasons and ended up saying, “Against a machine, not a group of people. So no matter how hard we pulled nothing happened.” 

Silence filled the room, and after a moment, Ji-yeong realized what she said, leaving everyone in splits.

There is no time

When Ali asked for time, the crew told him he had only 35 seconds. He replied, “Okay… HUH?!” This showed that he hadn’t registered it on the get-go. Even though he was short on time, he didn’t hurry and took as much time as possible to reply to the next question.

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Ji-yeong needed to be reminded repeatedly to look at the camera, as she was busy completing the challenge. Sae-byeok got a scolding for the previously mentioned reason.

Final seconds

In the last seconds of the challenge, Sae-byeok answered a question and got very close to completing the tasks, but her hands shook. Sae-byeok asked, “Is this actually doable?” and started laughing like a maniac, knowing the answer very well.

Ji-Yeong ended up breaking her candy and eating it as if nothing happened. Finally, none of the cast members could complete the challenge. They lost, but as it was real life and not Squid Game, the consequences weren’t severe.

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