Space Sweepers is The Most Popular Show on Netflix Already

Space Sweepers is The Most Popular Show on Netflix Already

There’s a new space opera movie out on Netflix called Space Sweepers and it already got its place on top! So there’s been another magnificent day for us to feast. The new movie is getting attraction by its originality and thrill but yet it is also so familiar. This new Korean space opera becomes so madly popular very fast that it is already number one on Netflix globally at this very moment although the fact that it has just come out. So, while everyone is talking about that movie, let us do the same, shall we?

What’s the synopsis of the ‘Space Sweeper’ show?

The New Korean show has a found-family storyline that follows a crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. The story takes place in 2092 while they are traveling through the stars. But their whole lives change after they discover an adorable but also homicidal humanoid child robot, Dorothy that also known to be a weapon of mass destruction. So they somehow find themselves in a risky business deal and maybe something more than they might have imagined.

Space Sweeper is an optimistic comedy, but also an interrogator. It makes you think that Dorothy may be adorable and innocent, but on the other hand, may it kill us all? It may also come familiar to us from Guardians of the Galaxy. And winding up with a stowaway after collecting junk in space and troubles sounds like a Firefly storyline. Just like we said, original in its own way but still familiar, right? You can even take the taste of cyberpunk aesthetics while watching.

What do we know about this movie?

Space Sweepers was normally meant to premiere in theaters. But because of the pandemic, its plans changed just like many other productions’. And after all, the director of the movie Sung-hee finally manages to air his vision to us through Netflix. So the movie released on the 5th of February and already became number 1 in just a few days on Netflix.  A Werewolf Boy was Sung-hee’s first movie that attracted attention. But this Korean adaptation of space blockbuster is an idea that he had even before. If we consider it has been nearly ten years since A Werewolf Boy, we should feel lucky that Space Sweepers has finally been realized.

Space Sweepers is rising so fast and getting so much attention already. So it is normal that questions of a sequel are coming. Sung-hee answered during an interview,

“It hasn’t been that long since I’ve finished my work, and I think I’ll have to get out of here to think about the next thing, so I’m not sure yet. However, as a member of the audience, I am curious about the other stories of Seungriho, and I want to see not only Seungriho but also other space science fiction films currently being planned or produced as soon as possible.”

So it seems even if Netflix decides to move forward with the second movie, it won’t be happening any soon. But whatsoever, the movie itself will handle us for a while, I guess. So until then, we got plenty of find of the movie to talk about.

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