Space Force season 2 won’t be on Netflix this June

Space Force season 2 won’t be on Netflix this June

Space Force season 2 is unfortunately not going to be on the popular streaming platform Netflix in June 2021.

Space Force is a Netflix Original comedy series also starring The Office sensation Steve Carell. As you may understand from the title, it’s about a new branch of the U.S Army: Space Force. Mark Naird (Steve Carell) is the head of this new force, which aims to get boots on the moon by 2024 as per the POTUS’ orders. The series shows us the comical relationships between the members of the force, as well as some caricatured politicians. We also get to see the competition between the generals of different branches of the army.

The series premiered on Netflix in May 2020, so we can say it’s been a long time since the release. Space Force wasn’t up to a great start as far as the critics are concerned, for it has a 39% critic rating on RottenTomatoes. On the other hand, it has a rating of 47/100 on Metacritic, which cannot be deemed as good. However, there are still many fans who are waiting for Space Force season 2.

Space Force season 2 isn’t coming to Netflix in June 2021

The new season of Space Force is not going to be on Netflix in June 2021. On the sneak peek at what’s coming to Netflix in June 2021, Space Force’s second season is nowhere to be found. We cannot say fans expect the new season to be released in June, but Netflix thus confirmed the news.

Steve Carell on Space Force – Copyright: Netflix

What to expect from Space Force season 2?

The series has a number of loose ends to touch on. Spoilers ahead!

The first season concluded with quite a cliffhanger, as U.S. and Chinese forces destroyed each other’s bases at Moon, and now are facing each other with their weapons. On the Earth, General Mark Naird, who disobeyed the Defense Secretary to break free, is on his way back to Space Force HQ with his daughter, his wife who escaped from the jail, and the guard girlfriend of his wife, who helped her escape. What a crew, huh!

We still do not know why the general’s wife Maggie was imprisoned. It seems to be a big crime because she’s facing jail for 40 years. Netflix might touch on that topic by including some flashbacks or some chatters.

Captain Ali and scientist Dr. Chan’s relationship was getting closer and closer in the second half of Space Force season 1. Space Force‘s second season is probably going to show us how that relationship is going to blossom. We have two other relationships that need to be told of, namely Mark – Kelly, and Erin – Duncan. Mark’s relationship with Kelly seems very intriguing, as it caused Erin to break down and Mark’s wife is now free.

Space Force season 2 production process

Netflix confirmed that Space Force season 2 was happening in July 2020. So yeah, rest assured that there’s going to be a new season for Space Force. They are shooting it right now.

ProductionWeekly reported that the shooting of the Space Force season 2 was going to start on May 3rd and end on June 21st. However, it started on May 10th. Therefore, we can deduce that the production of the new season is probably going to end on June 28th. Let’s hope they can release it by the end of this year after a five months of quick production process.

The crew filmed the first season in Los Angeles. They’re filming the second season in Vancouver right now to cut costs.

What is the release date of Space Force season 2?

There’s no exact release date confirmed for Space Force season 2. However, Netflix is probably going to release it by the end of 2021. If things go worse than planned, you can expect an early 2022 release date as well.

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