Sky Rojo Season 2 Has Been Officially Renewed

Sky Rojo Season 2 Has Been Officially Renewed

Sky Rojo has just released on Netflix on March 19th, 2021, and already spread worldwide with a massive fan group base growing day by day. So it’s no shocker but great news that the hit series is on its way for a second season! Here is what we know about Sky Rojo season 2 for now.

After stormed the world up and became a global hit with Money Heist, Alex Pina has achieved the same thing all over again with Sky Rojo and became much more acclaimed as if it was possible. This time, he presented us with the journey of three lolitas as they face all kinds of dangers while fleeing from their pimp to earn their freedom back. So let’s take a little glimpse at what might be ahead of us in season 2.

Will Sky Rojo Season 2 come to Netflix?

As we said, it’s not a shocker Netflix has renewed Sky Rojo for its second season after it dubbed as the streaming platform’s most ambitious project out of Spain so far and then gained a huge acclaimed as well. On the other side, Netflix already ordered the series as an initial two-season order back in November 2019 and it officially confirmed Sky Rojo renewal recently on 21 March.

So yes, even if we don’t much know more about it or its release date, Sky Rojo season 2 will be happening!

What is the cast of Sky Rojo season 2?

There hasn’t been an announcement or any confirmed cast list for the beloved Spanish series yet, but we at least know that we will see our girls as they still struggle together for their lives again. At least we hope for that and not to happen any mishap as well.

What will happen in Sky Rojo Season 2?

There hasn’t been a synopsis or detail for season 2, either. If we consider the series has just aired on Netflix, it’s very normal to be so as well. Until we hear more about it somehow, we can only guess from season 1’s season final. So if you still haven’t watched the whole season yet, I suggest you skip this part cause there are spoilers coming!

In the final episode of Sky Rojo, we saw Moses in some trouble as he was being lured into a pit dug. So he ended up stuck in his car while being buried in it. And this is one of the questions of viewers that whether he could survive or not. Well, it will probably depend on Christian and we will most likely see him trying to save his brother in Sky Rojo season 2, for a starter.

In the meanwhile, the vet seems to get another surprise visit as well considering we also saw Wendy having a bullet wound while Moses was trying to escape the car. So, she will probably be knocking at the veterinarian’s door to get medical care, which also might be how the Sky Rojo season 2 will start as well. After all, I think it’s fair enough to assume that we will also keep seeing the back-and-forth moves between the men and the women’s lives.

Ultimately, that was all for now. But stay tuned as we share more details of the anticipated series, Sky Rojo and for its season 2 as soon as we get them! Until then, you might also want to take a look at Sky Rojo season 1 details if you still haven’t watched it and not been able to decide to do so.

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