Sky Rojo first full-length official trailer of Money Heist creators

Sky Rojo first full-length official trailer of Money Heist creators

After becoming a global hit and has stormed the world up with his last project Money Heist, Alex Pina is now about to loud all over again with his new project also. As we come closer to his new anticipated project’s landing, Netflix has finally released Sky Rojo‘s first full-length official trailer today!

Money Heist has become one the biggest international hits Netflix with no question. So, many viewers wait eagerly to see the talented creator’s next endeavor with Esther Martínez Lobato’s co-creating. Thanks to Netflix, we don’t have difficulties finding well-crafted and entertaining shows as we get bored during our lockdowns. And there is not much doubt for Sky Rojo also will be one of those fine shows landing on Netflix‘s impressive library.

What is the ‘Sky Rojo’ synopsis?

To fresh up our minds a little, I would like to mention the story of Sky Rojo a little first. In this Spanish action crime drama, we will be watching three prostitutes trying to flee from their pimp to earn their freedom back. They have to face dangers of all kinds during their chaotic journey. So they embark on together and live every second as if it were their last. And they will discover that they are stronger together and have much more options to recover their lives. As they experience all the difficulties and truths, they strengthen their friendship above all.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Sky Rojo is the story of an escape by three women… but it’s also the story of the women themselves: three victims of human trafficking who break free from the web they’re trapped in. It’s about their dreams, the hell that they’ve been through, the friendship that they have forged, the solidarity that brings them together, and the enormous energy that keeps them alive.”

When will Sky Rojo release on Netflix?

Sky Rojo cast includes Veronica Sanchez, Lali Espósito, and Yay Prado as leading roles. The cast also includes Asier Etxeandia, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, and Enric Auquer. Sky Rojo will be available on Netflix on March 19th, 2021.

The trailer definitely shows off to the viewers that another intriguing and unique narrative is on its way. Pina also seems to promise a thrilling ride full of tension along with humor that we will probably finish Sky Rojo in a breath. Well, I’m in. What about you? Let us know what you also think about the upcoming series. The trailer is down below. And here is the list of other new projects coming on Netflix in March, if you want to take a look. You can watch the first official trailer below!

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