Showrunner Sera Gamble shares the first script for ‘You’ season 3

Showrunner Sera Gamble shares the first script for ‘You’ season 3

Fans have been waiting for so long for the upcoming season of You after season 2 left everyone with huge suspense. And it’s also been a while since we last heard from the anticipated series. But finally, the showrunner Sera Gamble shares an update of You season 3.

The television series developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble has been very popular since the day it first came out. The first season of the series was based on the 2014 novel by Caroline Kepnes, following a New York bookstore manager Joe Goldberg who is a serial killer that falls in love with a customer. And in the second season, we have witnessed Joe moving to Los Angeles and falling in love with local heiress Love Quinn. While the popular series manages to shock and excite us every single time, it also never stopped making us wonder what will happen next with leaving lots of questions on our minds as well. But there is finally some news easing our pains even for just a little that comes in from the showrunner.

So recently, Sera Gamble shared a picture of You season 3’s front page of episode 10 script on her Instagram: “Getting closer.”

We have to say that this update of her is really promising for maybe You season 3 will be coming sooner than we expected. We can assume this because Gamble might actually mean that production of the upcoming season is almost wrapped up, hopefully, which takes us further on the process finally. But still, it is also better to wait for other creators and showrunners to share a picture or the script from the episode they’re working on as well. We will be able to be sure much better than about what’s likely to ahead us clearly.

On the other side, we already know that Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, and the rest of the cast and crew have been working on You season 3 since late 2020. But finally, it seems we now have to hold on for just a little to see when production actually wraps as it is “getting closer.”

In the meantime, we also can see that Gamble has covered up the episode title at the top of the page. So, it seems we will still keep wondering about what is yet to come in the upcoming season unless some of them reveal a closer look until the season’s release.

Cast members of ‘You’ season 3

We found out earlier that ‘You’ was currently casting new cast members for the upcoming season. So let’s remember them a little.

One of the new cast is Dante and the casting call says about the character that:

A veteran whose sight was damaged in combat, Dante works at the local library. A step-father to his partner Ted’s two boys, Dante is sarcastic, world-weary, and unfailingly dependable. We are looking for an Actor who is Visually Impaired – this includes LOW VISION (degenerating vision), LEGALLY BLIND or Totally BLIND.”

And Shalita Grant was the first new name added to You season 3 cast as a new character, Sherry. And there is also Travis VanWinkle who came as the second new casting and seemingly will be getting quite close to Joe in season 3 as he “invites Joe into his inner circle.” After VanWinkle, Netflix announced that Scott Speedman was also joining You season 3 as Matthew as another addition to the cast. But there isn’t more revealed for their roles like Dante so far. So, we only know that much for now.

When will ‘You’ season 3 release?

Since the filming isn’t still wrapped up, there isn’t also an official release date given as well. Although some predictions are showing the date of November 2021, we still can’t be sure certainly at this point. But we can at least say that we are closer to a date announcement more than ever, considering it has now been months since the filming of the upcoming season started. So, even if they are still not finished, they have to be about to as well.

On the other side, the first two seasons were both released on Netflix in December of their years. So we may also see You season 3 in December 2021 as well. But of course, we all hope not to wait much longer for a new update of You, especially after this teaser of Sera Gamble.

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