“She’s Keeping Some Things Hidden From Him” Says Sam Heughan on Claire and Jamie’s Relation in Outlander Season 6

“She’s Keeping Some Things Hidden From Him” Says Sam Heughan on Claire and Jamie’s Relation in Outlander Season 6

One of the blessings of playing a character for a long time is that you start to understand the character’s psyche. The responses or emotions of the character you are playing starts coming to you almost more naturally than before. But that also means that fans now begin to associate the character with you. So now that Outlander season 6 is arriving, the cast is sharing their experience throughout the years of filming.

The actors have a lot to say about playing these characters for these long years, and the passionate fan following the show has mustered.

Where do we find everyone in Outlander season 6?

Outlander season 5 premiered on February 16, 2020. It spent the entire 2021 in development and is now back with a fresh new season. However, we leave things in a difficult situation at the end of season five.

So in an interview, the series’ main male lead Sam Heughan talks about the consequences of what took place in season 5 and where things pick up in the sixth season.

Sam says that things are still pretty rough and the new season picks a few days after the events of last season. He says “Claire is just still dealing with the trauma of what happened to her and not very well. And we find out Jamie is giving her space to deal with It.”  Further, the star adds that even though Jamie loves Claire he is giving her space and time to deal with the trauma. And Claire ” obviously, she’s keeping some things hidden from him.”

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Caitriona Balfe on what will happen after the show ends

Caitriona Balfe plays the main protagonist of the show Claire. She will be reprising her role as the nurse who is thrown back in time in season six of the show.

Now that she has been playing the role for almost 6 years now, she had some really heartfelt thoughts to share about her cast and how it feels to think the show might end soon.

The actress said in an interview that she cannot even think about parting ways with her amazing cast and calls it “crazy.

 “It’s really, you know, it is like a family. It’s like we’ve all experienced something that nobody else will experience in the same way you know, lots of people on TV shows. But this is our unique experience, and we share that.” the actress said about sharing a special bond with the cast.

It is really great to see the show include the same actors for all these years. What do you feel about the cast of Outlander and do they work great together? Let us know in the comments below.

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