‘Shadow and Bone’ Officially Renewed for Netflix Season 2

‘Shadow and Bone’ Officially Renewed for Netflix Season 2

Shadow and Bone‘ is one of the highly-anticipated series since it was first announced. Based on the bestselling fantasy book series by author Leigh Bardugo, the upcoming fantasy streaming television series has first pulled fans also attention with its trailer and glimpses along with raising the expectation. As the expectations grow along with the anticipation, it seems the upcoming series has also already been renewed behind scenes for its season 2 as well.

The upcoming fantasy series follows an orphan mapmaker and lowly soldier named Alina Starkov who unleashes an extraordinary power. Which means that she might be able to set her country in a wartorn world free with her new power. So, she requires training in order to become a magical soldier, in an elite army. Shadow and Bone also developed by Eric Heisserer and 21 Laps Entertainment. The first season will land on Netflix globally on April 23, 2021. And its waiting fanbase is also wondering already whether the series season 2 will happen at Netflix or not, as well.

When is the ‘Shadow and Bone’ season 2 release date?

There is almost no doubt that Shadow and Bone will be one of the biggest Netflix shows, especially of the spring season. With its day by day growing fanbase, well-crafted storyline, and taking place in a fascinating world and more, the expectations are really high for the show and it also wouldn’t be a surprise if the upcoming series will be one of the biggest productions of Netflix this year. So considering all of these, finding out that Shadow and Bone has been renewed quietly and is already settled up for its second season even before the first one arrives, is not a shocker at all.

On the other side, Netflix hasn’t confirmed this renewal update yet. But when it comes to this beloved streaming platform, we also know that it usually prefers to wait for big announcements like that in order to gather all the data on the first season. And this would also be awkward for Netflix to invest millions into this series unless they would leave it with just one season, too.

So yeah, it mostly seems possible that all those rumors are true, and Netflix will continue airing Shadow and Bone. It’s obvious that the upcoming show has so much potential that Netflix couldn’t overlook and bail on it. But when to see the show or when Netflix will confirm the series renewal are unknown questions and still too early to answer them since there is still a month for its season 1 to air.

You can find out more about its upcoming first season here. And stay tuned for more news about Shadow and Bone as we keep you updated!

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