Showrunner Van Dusen Wants People to Blush, Feel Hot, Bothered, and Breathless – Here’s His Take on Sex in Bridgerton Season 2

Showrunner Van Dusen Wants People to Blush, Feel Hot, Bothered, and Breathless – Here’s His Take on Sex in Bridgerton Season 2

Classic 1800s romance and lip biting intimacy, well that sure does rhyme with Bridgerton. Based on novels from Julia Quinn, this romantic drama provides a unique perspective of intimacy to its viewers. More of all which is expected (or not) in season 2. Chris Van Dusen directs the program with such fluency as to make sure it matches the touch of magical novels of Julia Quinn with a view of sexiness and fun.

Dusen reveals in an interview how he approached the sense of sexiness in his show. Perhaps it is a beautiful attempt to keep the spirit of Quinn’s novel. I always wanted this show to really not be so different from the experience of reading one of those romance novels in terms of things feeling sexy and dangerous and fun,” Van Dusen told The Wraps.

Here’s how the eroticism will continue in the second season of Bridgerton

The first season fascinatingly chronicles the carnal love of Daphnie Bridgerton and Simon, the duke of hastings. While the storyline is about Daphnie’s education of the sensual aspect of love; the season as a whole is an arresting portrayal of sexism. Further, as the character’s fauxmance transgressed into pure romance, the carnality reached its peak.

And well, the second season has the extremely hot Anthony himself to continue this prompt. In the trailer, we see him entirely soaked in water, looking drop-dead gorgeous. And the soaking wet dress just adds more sexiness. Moreover, what’s more, intriguing to watch is the brewing romance between the lead actors Anthony and Kate. Might as well arouse the little demon within each one of us.

Dusen wants to take people on a wild ride

Interestingly, Dusen wants this lovely show to cause the exact same impact on the viewers. “And I wanted to take people on a wild ride at times,” Van Dusen continued of his approach to sexiness on “Bridgerton” across the show’s run. “I want people to, you know, to blush a little bit and I want to leave them hot and bothered and breathless. And I think that, that’s something that I love about the show,” he told The Wrap.

He further mentions how each one of these intimate or erotic scenes have greater significance and are not there just for the sake of inserting a sex scene. He explains, “there’s a balance in that we never do a sex scene or an intimate scene on the show just for the sake of doing a sex scene/intimate scene. All of those scenes have a purpose. They’re all telling a story,” he continued. “They’re all moving the story forward. And that’s been our approach to the intimate scenes from the beginning.”

And of course, if not anything else, Bridgerton serves the purpose of flowing through a chain of erotic themes perfectly.

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As Bridgerton drops in today, let us know in the comment section below about your thoughts on the carnal aspect of the series.

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