Seinfeld will not be coming to Netflix after Leaving Hulu

Seinfeld will not be coming to Netflix after Leaving Hulu

Seinfeld is not coming to Netflix after leaving Hulu in June 2021. From June 23, one of the most-watched sitcom series will not release any streaming platform for a while.

Seinfeld, one of the most known sitcom series of all time and aired from 1989 and 1998. Now, time to watch this sitcom series on a streaming platform with all the old episodes again. We are as curious as you are when is the release date of Seinfeld for Netflix. However, there is no official date announced by Netflix yet. But according to reports, we guess that Seinfeld won’t arrive on Netflix until September 2021 at the earliest. Netflix has yet to officially shared the news on why the sitcom series delay.

In 2015, Hulu paid more than $180 million for exclusive rights to Seinfeld. It seems a matter of time until Netflix took over hosting duties for the program about nothing. According to early rumors, the streaming competition and the platforms spent more than $500 million on the acquisition and were interested in upgrading it to 4K resolution. Seinfeld is the new acquisition for Netflix, especially after losing the streaming rights to both The Office and Friends sitcom series.

When The Office left Netflix at the end of December, it went straight to Peacock. Which needed a huge, splashy title to boost new subscribers. However, many of the reports about the program moving to Peacock had to share headline and story space with angry – or at least irritated – fans of The Office who were upset they had to pay for another streamer to see their show. That was never going to happen because the number of Hulu members who don’t also have Netflix is considerably less than the number of Netflix customers who don’t receive Peacock.

Is Seinfeld be on Netflix in 2021?

According to reports, Seinfeld coming to Netflix in 2021, but no specific date has yet been announced. Based on Hulu’s agreement in 2015 and rumors, we can say that Seinfeld will arrive after this summer. You can also check out Netflix’s official Twitter announcements.

How many episodes release for Seinfeld on Netflix?

Also, we have some good news because all 180 episodes in 9 seasons aired on NBC are coming to Netflix after leaving Hulu. However, Netflix has few more sitcom series with fresh related material – possibly a new stand-up special from Jerry Seinfeld or the surprising return of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – or just creating excitement through social media, the answer remains to be seen.

Which countries will Seinfeld be available on Netflix?

Netflix already picking up Seinfeld’s global streaming rights for 2021. This means that Netflix users worldwide will be able to watch the sitcom series this year.

Will there be a shuffle button on Seinfeld on Netflix?

We don’t know this yet, but Netflix is unlikely to offer one of the other wonderful things Hulu gave for Seinfeld. We’re talking about Hulu’s unique shuffle button, which allows you to randomly jump into an episode. Such a feature has never been deployed by Netflix for any program, and it is unlikely to be done for the sitcom series as well.

Now we are waiting and excited to watch Seinfeld on Netflix in 2021.

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