Scarlett Johansson Makes a Surprising Appearance on ‘SNL’ To Celebrate Woody Harrelson Joining the Five Timers Club

Scarlett Johansson Makes a Surprising Appearance on ‘SNL’ To Celebrate Woody Harrelson Joining the Five Timers Club

Woody Harrelson’s reappearance was celebrated at SNL now that season 48 of the show has landed for viewers. Running successfully for a long time, the show has formed its own rituals to mark and celebrate significant events, one of which also celebrates regularly appearing hosts for the show. But joining in this celebration was Scarlett Johansson, who not only surprised the audience but also helped complete the ceremony.

Now, the ceremony is celebrated for celebrities who have appeared as hosts five times. But the episode turned more chaotic and getting his well-deserved jacket was not going to be as easy as Harrelson expected.

How did Scarlett Johansson surprise and helped with Woody Harrelson’s SNL ceremony?

The Kate actor went on a ramble of politics to marijuana, as he stood as the frontman for SNL yet again on 25th February. Throughout this, the actor mentioned several times the jacket that one receives for joining the Five-Timers Club. To the audience, it seemed like no jacket was going to appear, that is until Scarlett Johansson appeared on stage with it. The actor finally laid hands on the jacket, but not without being tricked by the SNL team.

Kenan Thompson first pretended to give it to him but gave to guest Jack White, a musician who performed during the night’s episode as well. Harrelson first became the show’s host in 1989, which was followed by a second chance in 1992. The latter two appearances came in 2004 and 2019, with 2023 being the year that honored his return to SNL.

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The show has also seen an increase in stars in the past few years. Here is a list of other stars that have joined the Five Timers Club.

Notable actors that have received SNL’s honorary jacket

In the past, the list of five-timers was quite short and rare. But the list has only got longer, especially since 2013, with eleven celebrities entering the five timers club. This includes Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, Justin Timberlake, Will Ferrell, etc.

The first person to be inducted into the club was Chevy Chase, who got the honor in 1985. Although it first became a discussion in 1990 when regular Tom Hanks took control of one of the episodes.

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