Scariest Movies On Netflix Ranked- Check Top 10

Scariest Movies On Netflix Ranked- Check Top 10

Long gone is the month of Halloween and the horror movie mania that comes with it. But if you are still up for some creepy, weird drama that will freeze you to your bones; you have come to the right place. We have listed the top 10 scariest movies on Netflix that won’t let you blink your eyes even once.

His House

A terrifying debut that breathes a fresh voice into the haunted-house subgenre; His House revolves around the lives of a couple who moved in from Sudan. However, what they do not know is the evil that confines within the English estate. Watch this terror-evoking movie on Netflix.

The Babysitter

If you are looking for a crazy, silly horror movie, The Baby Sitter is just for you. 12-year-old Cole is crushed when he finds out that his hot babysitter is a part of some murderous cult of teenagers. His babysitter won’t stop at all until he is silenced forever. How will he escape from his evil crush’s grasp? Watch this gory movie on Netflix now to find out.

Creep 2

Well, Creep 2 is just creepy as the name goes. What if you fall into something truly horrendous, thinking it to be your next extensive project? This horror-thriller follows Sara, a video artist, whose work primarily explores the intimacy of a lonely man. The dark, weird, and awkward humor won’t let you off easily. As you watch Creep 2 on Netflix, do not forget to keep a box of tissues near you.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Stunning in its rich imagery and ambitious in its theme, Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is Alice in Wonderland but much more terrifying, and it’s totally not for kids!

This masterpiece follows Ofelia, a bookish young stepdaughter of ruthless army officer Vidal. In a world full of war and blood, the little girl falls into an eerie fantasy world. To become immortal, she has to pass some gruesome tests, which include the immolation of her infant brother. The movie is not pretty, but beautiful at times. Stream it on Netflix tonight.

Gerald’s Game

A rich psychological horror with a surprising sense of visceral. Gerald’s Game is a brilliant adaption of Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

This terrifying movie follows a couple, Gerald and Jessie, who try to spice up their marriage in a remote area. When a harmless game suddenly becomes a harrowing fight for survival, Jessie must confront long-buried demons within her mind. Cuffed to a bed, she must fight these evils lurking in her empty house. Carla Gugino’s sensational performance might lurk in your mind forever.


Packed full of suspense and blood curdling tension, Hush will give you nail-biting thrills and hush you for straight two hours. The movie follows a deaf writer, Maddie, who isolates herself in the woods to focus on her career as a writer. However, she doesn’t realize a horrific future awaits her till her best friend visits her and is stabbed to death.

After screaming (streaming) this scary movie on Netflix, you may no longer be able to trust a sliding door.

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If you are up for a hundred and thirty-four-minute spooky roller coaster ride, this techno-thriller on Netflix is the movie for you.

This paranoid horror thriller follows an erotic webcam performer whose channel and fan following is stolen by her look alike. This doppelgänger is determined to ruin her career through supernatural tactics. What follows is truly horrific. Mind you, it is among the scariest movies on Netflix and the horrors might stay with you for a while.


A blend of Survival Horror and Monster movie tropes, Sweetheart on Netflix, is about abuse and fighting back. The movie follows a shipwreck survivor, Jenn, who is washed ashore on a lonely island. On the island, she has to survive many elements during days, and spooky, barbarous creatures at night.

Watch this horror-evoking movie on Netflix and pray you never get stuck on this island.

The Conjuring 2

The shivering story of the conjuring 2 dates back to 1522, wherein the satanic demon “Valak” takes the form of a bloodthirsty nun and continues to menace. However, in The Conjuring 2, it first appears as a vision to Lorraine, who is an exorcist. The story takes a turn when a small British family moves into an estate that is haunted by the ghost of Bill Wilkins, who possesses the youngest daughter.

However, later on, it’s revealed that the ghost of billy was just a pawn, whom the satanic demon Valak uses to kill Ed and Lorrain. It first seems that Valak would become successful in murdering the entire family, however, Lorraine finds a way to suppress the demonic powers of Valak and finally ends it.

Hold your breath hard, because the ungodly Valak is beyond your worst nightmare. Fear awaits you in the name of Conjuring 2, on Netflix. Watch it tonight! But make sure you aren’t alone.

Fear Street Trilogy

Not one, not two, but three gory and spooky movies set in a different timeline await you on Netflix altogether. A novel series by R.L. Stein of the same name inspired the trilogy. Told in three parts (1994, 1978, 1666) this scary trilogy on Netflix chiefly follows a group of teenagers who work together to get rid of an age-old curse.

The witch era, the camp giving sinister vibes, abandoned villages, and what not! This spine-tingling trilogy won’t let you sleep easily at night.

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Are you all set for blood-curdling voices and eerie visuals? Let us know in the comment section which of these scariest movies on Netflix would you watch first.

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