Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Lashes Out at Hugh Jackman, Calls Him a “real deal”

Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Lashes Out at Hugh Jackman, Calls Him a “real deal”

Ryan Reynolds claims that Hugh Jackman is so sweet, it almost feels like murder. The 46-year-old actor recently cheered the fans when he and actor Hugh Jackman teamed up to announce the comeback of Wolverine for Marvel’s Deadpool 3. The duo has been busy preparing for the action movie ever since.

In the 2017 movie Logan, the character made everyone tear up with his dramatically executed death. But with some persuasion from Reynolds, Jackman agreed to play the role one last time. Now, when two celebrities come together, there are chances of them clashing. But the Free Guy actor recently shared how calm and sweet Hugh Jackman really is.

How Ryan Reynolds describes Deadpool co-star Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s hilarious rivalry has been well-known for a while now. Both actors would pull each other legs, which even helped market their brands Aviation Gin and Laughing Man coffee. But during an appearance on the Smartless podcast, the actor chatted up with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. This is when the Ozark star asked about the constant banter between Jackman and Reynolds.

The Green Lantern actor shared how Jackman made kindness look like murder and how the Wolverine actor is one of the nicest people one could ever meet. While it drives Reynolds crazy sometimes, according to him, his Deadpool 3 co-star “really is the real deal.” Although the Ted actor also confesses that he himself tends to lash out at Jackman, and the latter fittingly reciprocates. Reynolds lovingly referred to Jackman as his “sherpa” and one of the ‘real guys’.

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Both the actor tends to be so good at mocking each other, that it is more entertaining than anything else. We can expect that and more through their characters in the movie as well. Deadpool 3 has a long time until its release on November 8, 2024. Until then, there will be more fun updates from the shoots of the movie.

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